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Lek the Elephant Whisperer

Available to Order Now!

Lek the Elephant Whisperer is based on the true story of Lek Chailert, written by Sylvia M. Medina and illustrations by Andreas Wessel-Therhorn. Lek Chailert heard the voices of nature from a young age and was taught by her grandfather to respect nature. this book tells Lek's story as she becomes an advocate for Asian elephants and other animals.

Gorillas Roar -

The Green Kids and their pal Konda, a junior ranger, visit their friend Zahara. When they arrive, they are shocked to see that she has a baby gorilla she has named Kunga.

Join the children as they venture through the jungle to return Kunga to his parents and home. This story is a re-illustration of a classic green kids' book.

Hope for Kareem -

Kareem was a happy baby chimp, playing with his friends at the Universal Primate Lab. But one day, he's taken to a place where he's put through medical experiments that hurt him. With the help of his friend Hope, a caterpillar, Kareem finds the strength to survive this terrible ordeal and find a safe home at Project Chimps. This book contains a photo and fact section about chimpanzees and Project Chimps.

Check Out the Interview we Did With Project Chimps


The Writers of Hope for Kareem, Grace Peters, and the founder of Green Kids Club, Sylvia M. Medina, did an interview with Project Chimps, who we recently collaborated with for our recent book Hope for Kareem. Watch the interview here now, there is also a reading at the beginning of the interview which you can watch individually on our club website, Wild Green Kids

Who is Dr. Mireya Mayor?

Mireya Mayor is an amazing scientist! Her love for animals and nature has taken her on incredible journeys, from studying mysterious primates in the rainforests to searching for hidden creatures in remote jungles. In fact, during one of her research expeditions, she played a crucial role in uncovering a previously unknown species of lemur, which happens to be the tiniest primate on our planet. Mireya's persuasive skills and commitment were instrumental in convincing the leader of Madagascar to preserve the habitat of this newfound species as a national park. She's an inspiring role model for young people who want to follow in her footsteps. We had the opportunity to ask her several questions. Check out our interview!

Check Out Our Interview With Dr. Mireya Mayor

Lek the Elephant Whisperer Now Available

Discover the inspiring journey of Lek Chailert in Green Kids Club's new children's book, "Lek, the Elephant Whisperer," authored by Sylvia Medina. Based on Lek's life, this captivating story showcases her remarkable resilience and dedication to Asian elephant conservation, from her early encounters with wildlife to creating the Save Elephant Foundation. The book, available now, not only celebrates Lek's achievements and the establishment of elephant sanctuaries but also educates young readers about the importance of wildlife protection. Beautiful art by Andreas-Wessel Therhorn, past Disney animation artist. Order now! 

You can find out more about Lek Chailert and her mission by watching Love and Bananas - see the trailer here.

Ian Michler

Ian Michler is a safari operator, wilderness guide, consultant, and environmental photojournalist. He has lived and worked across Africa for more than 30 years.

Ian is well-known for his roles as the lead character, researcher, and co-campaign leader of the award-winning documentary Blood Lions ( He also channels conservation work through The Conservation Action Trust and Eden to Addo, a regional corridor conservation initiative. As a journalist, he has featured articles and blogs documenting the major conservation challenges facing Africa, especially as it relates to predator breeding and trophy hunting. He is a member of the International League of Conservation Writers, and the author of seven natural history and travel books on Africa. Michler is also a co-founder and owner of Invent Africa Safaris, a specialist safari company that runs trips to 15 countries across the continent.  

With the potential upcoming amendments in regulations about lion farming and the commercial exploitation of the species in South Africa, he feels there is still plenty of work ahead to bring positive change for lions in this country.


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A "Tail" of Three Lions Reading With the Authors

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