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Who are the Green Kids Club and what do we do?

Green Kids Club focuses on spreading the word about environmental issues relating to people and animals through storytelling. We do this by working with conservation groups such as Elephants Without Borders, Saving the Survivor, and Blood Lions as some examples, and writing children’s books related to environmental issues they are experiencing. After publishing a book with one of these conservation groups we donate part of our proceeds to their organization. We also promote the story and issue through social media and by classroom experiences (virtual or real). Often our books are also given to children around the world to educate them about animals and their environment (we do this through our non-profit arm – Love the Wild Foundation). We hope the work we do will make a difference in this world and its animals!

Our Newest Book, Hope for Kareem, Out Now

Hope for Kareem is now available for purchase, get your copy today!!!

Kareem was a happy baby chimp, playing with his friends at the Universal Primate Lab. But one day, he's taken to a place where he's put through medical experiments that hurt him. With the help of his friend Hope, a caterpillar, Kareem finds the strength to survive this terrible ordeal and find a safe home at Project Chimps. This book contains a photo and fact section about chimpanzees and Project Chimps.

Become A Wild Green Kid!

Our club is expanding! The Green Kids Club is taking its love for the wild and evolving into our newest, most interactive and educational place for kids of all ages…Wild Green Kids! Venture into the great outdoors with educational quizzes, puzzling animal mazes, wild coloring pages, and animal highlights to learn all the coolest facts about wildlife and their environments. Click our link below to visit the most wild animal club for kids!

Recent Releases

Hope for Kareem - Hope for Kareem is now available

Kareem was a happy baby chimp, playing with his friends at the Universal Primate Lab. But one day, he's taken to a place where he's put through medical experiments that hurt him. With the help of his friend Hope, a caterpillar, Kareem finds the strength to survive this terrible ordeal and find a safe home at Project Chimps. This book contains a photo and fact section about chimpanzees and Project Chimps.

Grizzly 399 and Her 4 Hungry Cubs - Our newest Grizzly 399 story is now available. This is a continuation of the story of Grizzly 399 and the last year with her 4 hungry cubs.  Our book follows the adventures 399 had in the summer of 2021 and what it took for her to get all 5 of them fed.  At the end of this book, we highlight what needs to be done to ensure the bears located in the Teton Park area are kept safe from what we as humans have done, to impact their lives.  This book is being supported by amazing photos from Thomas D. Mangelsen, beautiful art by Morgan Spicer, and support from Wyoming Wildlife Advocates.

Lili the Brave Bee's Flight for a New Home - Here is our newest book that tells the story of Princess Lili, the bee who has to find a new home because a bad farmer has started using insecticides. She has many adventures with her best bat friend, Bosigo and Mogali the head bee scout. Together they fight mambas, mongoose and other animals to find the home for all of their family. This book was written and co-authored with Kelly Landen, from Elephants without Borders.  Beautiful art by Andreas Wessel-Therhorn.

Environmental Hero Books & New Revised Version of Green Kids Classics


Our Newest book! Learn about bees and their importance to our world!

Elee and the Shining Star - Noah Text Version for Dyslexic and struggling readers!

This story is a revised version of our classic Jade Elephant story.  Learn about Asian elephants and their need for habitat. At the end of the story, we have a science section and also highlight the fantastic work being done by Lek Chailert through Save Elephant Foundation.

Tau, a brave young lion cub, Lives on the African Savanna with his mother and two brothers. When his brothers are taken by poachers, Tau fears for their lives. Though his mother tells him to simply "hope for the best," Tau is resolved to rescue his siblings. He strikes out to do just that, in time learning a great deal about his lion world while discovering a lot more than he bargained for!


Our Latest Story with Grizzly 399 which highlights habituation issues and the impacts on bears. Learn how you can make a difference!

A cute story of a near-sighted baby rhino looking for his father. Learn about the different kinds of rhino species and groups that support saving them - Saving the Survivor and the rhino orphanage!

Environmental Hero: David Casselman


David Casselman feels called to the task of changing hearts and minds about the importance of helping animals and the planet. An accomplished civil trial lawyer, David spent decades doing pro bono work to protect animals in addition to his successful career as a trial lawyer, law school professor, and animal advocate. In that capacity, he was actively involved in crafting legislation to help animals, including the California Hayden Law, which expanded the obligations of public animal shelters to care for animals in their possession throughout the state. 

Now retired from law, he has chosen to pursue his passion for protecting animals and their environments full-time.  Twenty-one years ago, he co-founded the one million-acre Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and has been actively involved in The Wolf Connection in Los Angles and the Whale Sanctuary Project.  At the same time, he has worked as a partner with Lek Chailert and Darrick Thompson with the Elephant Nature Park

David has also been involved in selecting, supporting, and/often funding the production of movies and programs that support a wide variety of wildlife initiatives.  Included are Love and Bananas, Cher and the Loneliest Elephant, Free Billy, The Last Stand, Remaking Wolf Connection, and a series of Podcasts and several TV series now showing on Ecoflix. 

David is now the founder and CEO of Ecoflix, the world’s first non-profit streaming service devoted to saving animals and the planet.  Dedicated to biodiversity and almost every ecological issue, David champions causes around the world. He hopes Ecoflix will inspire the young and motivate like-minded people of all ages to do everything they can to save animals and the planet.


Latest News

Wild Green Kids Club

Green Kids Club will be moving our actual Green Kids Club to Love the Wild, ( The new club will be called Wild Green Kids! We are excited about this and believe since the foundation is the educational arm of what we do that the club is better situated there. For children involved in our club, we will be sending out a note to those who are signed up informing them of the changes to the club. We are excited to roll this out with new changes that will be engaging, fun, and of course, educating!  


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“The experience of seeing 399 in the wild will change a child’s life forever. Hopefully, this book will be a small entry into her world and make us all more considerate, tolerant and protective of bears and all of our earth’s special creatures.”
- Tom Mangelsen, Grizzly 399
“Humanity has an abusive relationship with the environment and all other species, and much of this is due to a lack of appropriate education and awareness during our school years. The Green Kids Club and books, such as A Tail of Three Lions, play such a significant role in filling this gap. In addition, by supporting the book you are also supporting lion conservation in the wild and efforts that are aimed at securing the survival of Africa’s most iconic species.” 
- Ian Michler, Blood Lions

Watch our Livestream Q&A with Ian Michler here.

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Saving the Survivors with Moyo
Saving the Survivors
Johann and Rhino
Saving the Survivors
Orang Utan Republik Kids
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Green Kids Club Supports

Non-Profit Organizations

For the last several years, Green Kids Club has been promoting educational materials and story lines with Elephants Without Borders (EWB). We have also co-written books with the Orang Utan Republik Foundation, Blood Lions, Cougar Fund, and Saving the Survivors. We believe these groups, and other organizations like them, are doing very important work on the front lines to save our wildlife for future generations. You can help make a difference too! When you purchase anything from our store, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the wildlife organization of your choice.

And we here at Green Kids Club also have our own non-profit organization, Love the Wild Foundation.


Learn more about all of the non-profits we support on our Non-Profit Initiatives and Organizations We Support pages.


Photos by Sylvia Medina, EWB, Juli Yanti, Ry Emmerson, Cath Jakins, Johan Marais, and Sue Cedarholm.

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