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Non-Profit Initiatives

Green Kids Club has a strong calling to make our world a better place. Here you can see and learn more about some of the non-profit organizations that we support. These groups are on the front lines in helping to secure and protect the animals most in need.

Green Kids Club Partners with the

Love the Wild Foundation

Enjoy the Wild. Learn from the Wild. Protect the Wild.

This is the simple three-fold mission of the Love the Wild Foundation. At least 10% of sales from the Green Kids store goes to support the Love the Wild Foundation, or other charities if specified. Green Kids also supports Love the Wild's mission through donations of books, creation of educational materials, and outreach to various environmental programs.

Green Kids Club is partnering with

Inspired Classroom

We're helping to bring classroom challenges to children around the world. We will be developing a classroom challenge of our own with issues related to trash and plastic-contaminated waterways a little bit later, but you can check out their current Golden Eagles Challenge to see what they are working on now.

Education. Our initiatives have been bringing books and toys to the children of the Kasane, Botswana area by working with their Environmental Clubs and schools in the area.  We also were able to participate in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, where we walked down the streets of Kasane with elephants – a truly amazing experience.  

Collaboration with Children’s Books. We wrote a children’s book called, The African Bush Fire and the Elephant, for the children of Botswana.  The book was written to sensitize children to the threat of wildfires, to touch upon poaching, and to foster a positive message about living with wildlife. The book was co-authored by EWB Program Manager, Kelly Landen.  The book was also translated into the Setswana language by Mwezi from the Kavimba village in the Chobe Enclave.

With permission and assistance from the Dept. of Forestry & Range Resources (DFRR) under the Ministry of Environment, hundreds of copies of the book were donated and distributed throughout the country to schools, environmental clubs, and DFRR.  

Since then, we have collaborated on a few other books with EWB, including Elee, Molelo, and The Elephant and the King, as you can see from their webpage. All of these books send a portion of their proceeds to support EWB.

Hands on Support. Another area we were able to participate in was working hands-on with EWB at their Research Station. In the Fall of 2017, we were able to meet a small baby elephant called Molelo, who had been rescued by EWB. The baby elephant had been rescued from a bush fire and was severely dehydrated and burned on the bottom of his feet and across his body.  Helping as much as we could with Molelo was an honor and privilege.  Molelo is doing well and has since been moved to the EWB Elephant Orphanage in Kasane and has two new friends who have also come to the facility.  You can see his story in Molelo, the Fire Elephant

Update. In 2018 and 2019, Sylvia went to visit Molelo and the other baby elephants at the EWB Elephant Orphanage in Kasane. We are happy to report that they are all doing great. Molelo has grown so much!

Green Kids Club Works With

Orang Utan Republik Foundation

The Green Kids Club donated 100 copies of our book, Leave Some Forest for the Rest of Us! (recently awarded a 2019 Family Choice Award) and 200 copies of Princess (recently awarded a 2019 Creative Child Book of the Year Award), to the Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF). Dr. Gary Shapiro, the foundation's president, has been handing out these books to local schools and organizations to raise awareness of the orangutan's plight. A significant portion of our proceeds from these books will go to support OURF and their efforts.

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