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In 2018, the Trump Administration took steps to weaken the Endangered Species Act. For more information and what to do, click here.

This bill would ban trophy hunting and protect grizzlies for their ecological and cultural value. It would also guarantee Native American Tribes a role in conserving and managing grizzlies that are considered sacred by many tribes. Click here for more information.

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Felicia and Cubs

Green Kids has been closely following the story of Felicia a grizzly bear with two baby cubs or coys (Cubs of the Year). She lives in Togwotee Pass in Wyoming.  This bear is a beautiful mom that has done absolutely nothing wrong other than live on a highway road where people have stopped to photograph and admire her.  According to the Wyoming Fish & Game this has created a safety issue. So they have hazed her - this is a method used to remove bears from areas to ensure she does not return or she will be either euthanized or relocated (see article). 

Also this link has some additional information on the situation.  Lots of detail! 

Photo courtesy by Marilyn Rodman

We have been watching changing legislation in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.  These states are allowing the killing of large populations of its wolves.  At one time the wolves were under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. This is no longer the case.  Not only are states allowing hunting of the wolves, but they are also allowing non-humane ways of their killing – including baiting, hunting from helicopters, hounds, etc.  No compassion in a kill - this is so very sad (see the newspaper article).  The US Fish & Game is going to review the information but does not have any plans to address it for at least a year.  By then much damage will be done to the wolf population. In addition, sadly part of one of the most popular wolf pack or Junction Butte pack were killed.  This is because the State of Montana is now allowing shooting of wolves close to the perimeter of the park. 

There have been a number of grizzly bears euthanized in the Greater Yellowstone area.  Unfortunately, Grizzly 399's daughter, 610 has lost both of her sons. This is because the National Park and other wildlife officials have determined that they have turned into problem bears due to habituation.  We hope that we don't continue losing bears because of the irresponsible behavior of people leaving food in unsecured areas - see article. 

Also before I published this newsletter - I found out that there is a petition going around asking for bear proof garbage be required in areas where people closely live to grizzly bears in the Teton County area - please sign this petition and share it!

Green Kids has written two stories about Grizzly 399, one of the most famous bears in the world. She lives in Teton National Park, Wyoming. She has had many cubs over the years but at the age of 24 years old, she surprised the world with the birth of 4 cubs. She has over the years learned to live by and around people with no real negative situations arising. But in the last year and a half she has started to travel back and forth between the park and Jackson, Wyoming and even a bit farther south. She has been moving a lot and eating bird feed from peoples homes they put out, honey from local Apiary’s, and horse feed.  The Wyoming Fish & Game in conjunction with the Park Service are trying to manage this without creating a negative situation – please hit the link on this article to see the latest of what is happening. We pray and hope she will return to the park and get ready for hibernation. 

Also as of November 6, 2021, two of Grizzly 399's cubs were collared - hopefully this makes a positive difference.  Bear 399's yearlings are safely collared - Local News 8

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