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Who is Dr. Mireya Mayor?

Mireya Mayor is an amazing scientist! Her love for animals and nature has taken her on incredible journeys, from studying mysterious primates in the rainforests to searching for hidden creatures in remote jungles. In fact, during one of her research expeditions, she played a crucial role in uncovering a previously unknown species of lemur, which happens to be the tiniest primate on our planet. Mireya's persuasive skills and commitment were instrumental in convincing the leader of Madagascar to preserve the habitat of this newfound species as a national park. She's an inspiring role model for young people who want to follow in her footsteps. We had the opportunity to ask her several questions. Check out our interview!


Who Is Mireya Mayor?

Dr. Mayor is an exceptional scientist, explorer, and adventurer known for her discovery of a new species the Mouse Lemur, and helping to establish a national park in Madagascar to help preserve the species.

What Does an Anthropologist Do and Why Did You Get Your Degree?

Dr. Mayor explains what an anthropologist does and why she wanted to get her doctorate in the field.

Why Did You Focus on Working With Primates?

Dr. Mayor discusses the driving forces and motivations that led her to dedicate her research and studies specifically to primates.

What is a National Geographic Explorer and How Were You Selected?

Dr. Mayor's journey with National Geographic began unexpectedly during a film crew's expedition to Madagascar when they sought her expertise on lemurs. Intrigued by her knowledge, she made history as their first female wildlife correspondent.

Tell us About Your Trip to Madagascar?

Dr. Mayor shares about her time living in Madagascar, where she and her team discovered a new species of lemur. She also shares what happened afterwards.

Do You Believe That There Are More Species to be Discovered?

Dr. Mayor talks about all the places still not fully explored and what that could mean for future discovery of species.

Why Do They Call You The Female Indiana Jones?

Dr. Mayor explains this reference and her hopes for female scientists and adventurers in the future.

Why Did You Join Discovery Channel to do Expedition Bigfoot?

Dr. Mayor talks about her initial skepticism and worries about doing the show and what eventually convinced her to join the team.

What Are The Most Memorable Moments While on an Exhibition?

Dr. Mayor talks about both the criticism and support she received from colleagues, adding she believes successful scientists should be open minded and curious.

What Are The Most Memorable Moments While on an Exhibition?

Dr. Mayor shares both positive and negative memories from her time in the field.

Why Name Your Book "Pink Boots and a Machete?"

Dr. Mayor talks about the reason she chose the name for her book.

What Does Being Being Director of The Exploration and Science Communications Initiative Involve?

Dr. Mayor explains her current job and its impact on students and others in anthropology.

What Advice Would You Give to Young People?

Dr. Mayor shares her inspirational words to future scientists.

How Do You Balance Your Family Life With Your Work Life?

Dr. Mayor has 6 children and a busy travel schedule. Hear how she makes it work for her.

Is there Anything Else That You Would Like To Share?

Dr. Mayor encourages others to follow their own path.

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