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We have worked with a number of schools here in the US, including schools in New York, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Jersey, as some examples. We also get periodic requests from places we don’t expect, like Pakistan and Nairobi.

If you are looking for some educational content from Green Kids, feel free to reach out to us via email or call (208) 881-5184.

Love the Wild is partnering with

Inspired Classroom

We're helping to bring classroom challenges to children around the world. We have developed a classroom challenge of our own with issues related to trash and plastic-contaminated waterways. Kids will learn about upcycling and plastics and create their own upcycled product that can either be used by animals or helps people appreciate animals. In addition to building something new, their directions and photo of the product might be added to a Green Kids Upcycling Project book!

Inspired Classroom Challenges are content rich, authentic learning experiences.  All challenges are standards-based and have been built in collaboration between curriculum and content experts. They are FREE to participants.  They use an inquiry-based approach to learning and build skills such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and communication.

If you are an educator, please Create an Account as a teacher at this link.  Use the Join Code 5TLTTHCI for the Green Kids challenge. Once you log-on to the challenge you will find a Create a Class button, click this button and enter the number of students and teams. This will generate a Class Code. Give this code to your students to create accounts or register your students on your teacher dashboard.

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