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Twinkl Resources

Twinkl has put out some resources that can be used along with some of the Green Kids Club stories to be used to learn more about the animals and the environment depicted in the stories. The stories that have these resources include:

Learning About Elephants
Hibernation Pandemonium
Lili the Brave Bee
Gorilla's Roar

Learn more about the resources below

Learning About Elephants

Learning About Elephants was created in collaboration with Elephants Without Borders. Created to educate children about what, who, and where elephants are, through a variety of facts, photographs, and beautiful illustrations. Twinkl has put together a variety of resources that can be used to learn more about elephants and African animals as a whole. Check out the resources provided by Twinkl below.

African Animals Habitat Word Mat | African Animal Footprints

Grizzly 399's Hibernation Pandemonium is another story in the Grizzly 399 series. it tells the imaginary tale of Grizzly 399 and her four cubs getting ready for hibernation. Twinkl has provided some resources about other North American animals and hibernation, which you can check out below.

North American Animals | Hibernation | How Animals Keep Warm in the Winter | Hibernation Word Search

Princess didn't ask to lose her home. Frightened and alone, Princess is befriended by Gary who teaches her, along with fellow orphaned orangutans, not only how to be an orangutan, but sign language as well. Based on a true story. Twinkl has provided resources to learn more about Jungle and Rainforest Animals.

Jungle and Rainforest Animals Habitat Word Mat

Lili the Brave Bee

Lili the Brave Bee is the story of a bee who is forced out of their home due to dangerous pesticides. On the journey to find a new hive, Lili comes across a variety of animals, and struggles to overcome. Twinkl has some resources that you can use along with Lili the Brave Bee

Lili the Brave Bee Resources

Gorillas Roar

Gorillas Roar is the story of the Green Kids returning the baby gorilla Kunga to their home. Twinkl has provided some resources that can be used with the story.

Endangered Animals Spelling Game | More Resources
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