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Meet the Creative Team

How it all began...

Sylvia Medina is someone who is passionate about the environment and the animals that live in this world. As a youngster, she loved to hike and enjoy the wilderness and especially loved animals. She took this passion and dedicated herself to becoming an Environmental Engineer where she could help make a difference.

Another passion Sylvia found was children! When her twins were born she knew she wanted to instill in them the passion of being steward of our environment. So when Sylvia's twins were infants - she found herself watching television shows for kids. This made her realize that there were very few programs about environmental stewardship and endangered species preservation for children. So one early morning - about 1:30 am - while rocking her baby girl to sleep, she came up with the idea of creating stories and products that teach children about the environment and the world around them. So the Green Kids Club was created.


Sylvia M. Medina

Sylvia is the president, primary author, and creative director of the Green Kids Club. She has spent her career focused on environmental issues and helping to preserve animal welfare.

She developed the Green Kids Club concept, which would help her children, as well as other children around the world, learn early positive environmental habits that they could share with others. Sylvia also founded the Snake River Animal Shelter, East Idaho's only non-profit animal sheltering facility, to fill a need in the community.


Joy Eagle

Joy Eagle has always been drawing. As a child, she found that she could improve her grades if she included pictures. She was in the Argonne/INL drafting group for nearly 30 years, starting as a draftsman and advancing to drafting manager. Upon retiring, she returned to fine art with the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho.

Joy finds her 4 children and 5 grand kids to be amazing and wishes they lived closer to Idaho Falls. She led her children's school to second place in an Idaho recycling competition when she was PTO president.

She is an active member of the Eastern Idaho Chapter of the VMCCA, an old car club. One of the yearly activities for the club is to clean up the roadside at Market Lake.

Joy recycles, winterizes her home to save energy, and constantly watches for ways to improve her environment.

Web Content Manager

Lorielle Peterson

Lorielle joined the Green Kids Club team in 2018. Her engineering background provided her with a logical outlook on the world and a desire to solve problems. Living in Idaho reaffirmed her love of the outdoors, which was first kindled as a child, camping with her family all over the country. And now, as a mother of two, she felt like it was time to help make the world a little bit better place. She has a firm belief that if we all can do a little, it will add up to a lot.

Office Manager

Angelica Lopez

Angelica is our office mom. We love and adore her. She keeps us straightened out (at least she tries). She is in charge of our Amazon sales and other homepage sale venues. In addition to this, Angelica also translates our books into Spanish.

Social Media Marketing

Dory Kurowski

Dory Kurowski has 20 years experience in corporate and product communications and brand marketing, roughly half of which have been related to her app and the eco-minded products she recommends on it. Dory started her career as a spokesperson in the biopharmaceutical industry, and then after certain life changes, pivoted towards the world of sustainability. Her mission has been to help the average consumer make better, more thoughtful product choices and also become aware about eco-minded and humane-focused companies and organizations. She’s been a guest speaker at many national and local green fairs and festivals on her quest to educate others.

Besides being a life-long lover of animals and wildlife, part of Dory’s decision to rigorously focus on sustainability was after the birth of her first child. With a now 9-year-old son, Dory is highly vested in teaching children about environmental stewardship and aims to do so on a daily basis. Dory is thrilled to be able to work with Green Kids Club, which is quite a natural fit. She serves as a spokesperson at various events in the Northeast and educates others about Green Kids Club, its mission and books. She also works with the founder, Sylvia Medina, and the team to elucidate any content for marketing materials and handles the content of Green Kids Club social media promotions.


Grace Peters

Grace Peters’ love for animals started as a toddler, preferring nonfiction ape and monkey books to fairytales. Her love for animals grew alongside her blossoming love for writing. At age 5, she began her research and writing “career” by creating the first of many PowerPoint presentations to convince her parents to consent to a pet chinchilla; this was quickly followed by additional works on teacup pigs, hermit crabs, and hedgehogs. Though this persuasive campaign didn’t work, she remains passionate about research and writing about animals and conserving the beautiful species that inhabit our earth. In her free-time, she enjoys ice hockey, water sports and hiking.

Plush Designer

Susan Sofia-McIntire

Susan Sofia-McIntire has over 26 years experience in the toy industry, 18 of which has been spent developing and running her own independent consulting company, Susan Sofia Development. Susan started her career at Hasbro, specializing in the Playskool Baby Division. Her toys and parent aides have won a Platinum Oppenheim award, and have been featured in Parents Magazine, Right Start catalogs and featured on the Today Show. Susan has also developed and shares interest in several design and engineering patents for some of her clients. Her latest client and patent pending success is the Zen Swaddletm from Nested Bean which received the 2012 Innovation Award at the ABC Juvenile Trade Show in Atlanta.

Developing items for parents and children alike that comfort, protect and educate is Susan's mission. She is therefore very proud and honored to be a member of the Green Kids Club team. Using imagination and over two hundred globally influenced plush patterns and designs, Susan is creating soft, educational plush animal sculptures to help children grow and learn.

As a mother of two, Susan has first hand knowledge of the needs of parents, as well as the importance of a child's health and education. The Green Kids Club concept is a natural progression to give back! She truly supports environmental stewardship.

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