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We have acquired a license to create a book with Pudgy Penguins. Keep your eye out because we will have a book released with them in early 2023

Pudgy Penguins

Noah Text

Green Kids Club is releasing dyslexia-friendly edition of our three best-selling books – Elee and The Shining Star, Grizzly 399, and The Belize Trash Monster. These new versions will be presented with a specialized print called Noah Text®. Noah Text highlights critical word patterns within texts, enabling struggling readers, children with dyslexia, and ESL students to read with increased fluency and stamina – providing them much needed confidence while enhancing their reading skill.

Sylvia Medina, president of Green Kids Club, stated, "When we were approached by Noah Text® to make our books dyslexia-friendly, I was thrilled! I cannot wait to see what a difference we can make working together for these children."

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Green Kids Club has partnered with AmebaTV to expand its selection of ‘read-along’ books with the addition of our Environmental Heroes series.

“Sylvia Medina has written some of the most noteworthy and charming children’s books aimed at introducing young minds to the value of our environment and the animals we share it with,” noted Tony Havelka, CEO of Ameba. “We are so excited to be able to bring ‘life’ to these books in a new way that remains absolutely entertaining while conveying such valuable messages.”

For more information, check out this article.


Green Kids is happy to announce that we have signed over a license with Storypod.  This is an audio based system that allows children to read and learn with an audio experience that makes learning fun!  Storypod will have a number of our Environmental Heroes stories as well as one of our Green Kids updated titles.  These include:  Elee and the Shining Star, Grizzly 399: Hibernation Pandemonium, Kabelo, Jade Elephant and Princess.  We are excited to be working with this wonderful company! 

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