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June 2024 Newsletter
Hi Green Kids!

Welcome to the Green Kids Club Newsletter where you can keep up with the Green Kids Club happenings each month, learn some new things, and challenge yourself as a true Green Kid ambassador for the planet! 

Photo in honor of World Giraffe Day!
Environmental Hero
Douglas W. Smith, PhD
If you haven't checked out our interview with
Doug Smith, you MUST!

Doug is our Environmental Hero for this quarter. He recently retired from being the Senior Wildlife Biologist at Yellowstone National Park. With more than 44 years of experience, he was the driving force behind the Yellowstone Wolf Project, which brought wolves back to the park. His work has led to over 100 scientific papers, numerous articles, six books (two of which won awards), and appearances on shows like 60 Minutes. He is also now a speaker on the Nat Geo Live circuit and he is co-authoring two books with us here at Green Kids Club!

You can find our interview here and it is fascinating. Listen and enjoy!  
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Wild Green Kids Club
Teton Science Schools Trip
We just completed this field trip for local students! We partnered with the William J & Shirley Maeck Family Foundation and Teton Science Schools to send 10 middle and early high school students to Teton Science School's Summer Camp. The students had a great time! If you'd like to learn more about Teton Science Schools watch THIS great video or visit their website at
Spring Contest Winner

We asked for your poems on nature and Robin Villarreal sent us this beautiful picture with her inspiring words!
Nature heals my soul
I turn to nature to caress my spirit and clear my mind,
Especially when the realities of life sometimes feel unkind.
I look to the change in seasons to help direct my mood
I find comfort and nourishment in “nature’s food”.
In Winter I am reminded resilience sustains life and breeds hope,
In Spring I recall even seeds must break and bud to open and cope.
Summer brings warmth and sunshine and is the best,
Winter comes to remind us to take solace in rest.
How we care for and respect our home requires our declaration,
If we are to sustain the earth for the future generation.
We must be mindful of careless disregard of planet earth our mother,
For we share this place with other creatures who are all like sister and brother.
Family cares for one another and takes care of the surroundings we share,
For the animals, the lakes, the mountains, the jungles and seas… we need to care!
We are the stewards of this gift that brings us life and for our souls brings rest,
Nature is amazing – this partnership deserves our best!
Featured Books - Yellowstone Wolves!
Wolf Matriarchs of Yellowstone

We have two new books about wolves on the way! This month we are featuring our upcoming book, The Wolf Matriarchs of Yellowstone, co-authored by Doug Smith. In a children's format we have written about the reintroduction of gray wolves to Yellowstone National Park. This book features illustrations from the amazingly talented former Disney animator Andreas Wessel-Therhorn. Part of the proceeds from sales of these books will go to Yellowstone Forever to support Wolf Management at Yellowstone National Park.
White Wolves of Yellowstone
Wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in 1995. White Wolves of Yellowstone is the story of the white wolves seen in Yellowstone from the Hayden Valley, Canyon, and Wapiti Lake packs. Including beautiful illustrations from Andreas Wessel-Therhorn that capture the true story, written by Sylvia M. Medina, Rene Hersey, Julie Argyle, and Douglas W. Smith. 
White Wolves of Yellowstone is available now at!
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Stories We Have Been Following
Photo courtesy of Roam Wild Photo Tours
Grizzly 399
Grizzly 399 has been spotted several times in the last few weeks! She came out of hibernation in April, looking healthy and well along with her cub from last year.  If you follow her like we do, then tune in to Public Television’s “Nature” program. She has her own show called “Grizzly 399: Queen of the Tetons” so check it out!
Animal Rights
Animal Rights Awareness Week is a special time each year when people focus on treating animals better and understanding their rights. During this time, people come together to teach others, hold signs in public places, and use social media to show why we should care about animals. They talk about the importance of being kind to animals in places like farms, circuses, and labs. This helps us remember that animals around the world often face tough situations, and it encourages everyone to help make their lives better.
June Animal & Environment Observances

2024 Weeks: (Alpha Order)

  • Animal Rights Awareness Week - June 17-23, 2024 (Mid June)
  • National Insect Week - June 24-30, 2024
  • National Pollinator Week - June 17-23, 2024
  • Pet Appreciation Week - June 2-8, 2024 (First Week in June)

2024 Days: (Date Order)

  • National Black Bear Day - June 1, 2024 (First Saturday in June)
  • National Animal Rights Day - June 2, 2024 (First Sunday in June)
  • June Bug Day - June 7
  • International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos - June 8
  • World Sea Turtle Day  - June 16
  • American Eagle Day - June 20
  • World Giraffe Day - June 21


This just might be one of our most favorite pictures! Featured here is the amazingly talented Andreas Wessel-Therhorn. Andreas has worked on many movies you have probably seen as an illustrator for DreamWorks, Disney, Warner Brothers and others. We are lucky enough to have him illustrate many of our books, including this one about pollinators! National Pollinator Week is the third week in June. Click here to learn more about this important role and all the insects and animals who help make sure plants get what they need! 

June Book Giveaway
In honor of pollinators, we are giving away our Lili the Brave Bee book this month! Tell us one fact about pollinators and be one of the first three people to email us at
Featured Environmental
This month we honor the International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos. This is a very controversial topic. Ecoflix founder, David Casselman, was our Environmental Hero in the fall of 2022. He shared about the movie Free Billy, which showed the plight of some elephants that are captured and placed in zoos. We support Ecoflix and their mission to "educate, inspire and support meaningful actions which will deliver a tangible, measurable difference to help save animals and restore the planet." Click here to learn more about them! 
In Case You Missed It...

We want kids to join our Wild Green Kids Club!  Children learn about animals and their environment and they can win books and toys through fun contests! Click on the link to find out more!

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