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We Are Very Happy to Say That Grizzly 399 and Her Four Hungry Cubs won the Maincrest Media Book Award

Grizzly 399 and Her Four Hungry Cubs is our most recent Grizzly 399 story created by Sylvia M. Medina. This is not the first time this book has won an award, it first won first place for Purple Dragonfly. Maincrest gave the book a great score of 22 out of 25 in the Children's Fiction category, in their feedback Maincrest says, "Grizzly 399 and her Four Cubs is a beautiful children’s picture book that follows Grizzly 399 as she leads her cubs outside their den to find food... A truly standout feature of the book is the real-life story behind the story, showcasing the real Grizzly 399 that inspired the book. This helps bring the story to life for young readers, helping them learn, grow and become more caring and compassionate citizens of the world... reminiscent to the quality of Disney or Pixar."

If you want to see the full Judging done by Maincreast click the link below to read the full PDF report.


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