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October 2022 Newsletter
Hi Green Kids!

Welcome to the Green Kids Club Newsletter where you can keep up with the Green Kids Club happenings each month, learn some new things, and challenge yourself as a true Green Kid ambassador for the planet (adult or child)! 

Photo courtesy of Sue Cedarholm - Grizzly 399
What's Grizzly 399 Up To?
She was Recently Spotted Getting Ready for Hibernation!

Wildlife watchers hadn't seen Grizzly 399 for a few weeks. There was speculation she might have been north in Grand Teton National Park. But just last week, the beautiful momma bear reappeared and was seen eating berries and some meat getting ready for hibernation. Grizzly bears need to gain about 3 pounds a day right now, and female grizzlies won't have babies in the spring if they don't get enough food for their bodies to support both mom and cubs through the long winter sleep.

To learn more about where and how grizzlies hibernate, read this article from the National Park Service. Green Kids has also written several books about Grizzly 399, you can find them here. Part of our proceeds go to supporting grizzlies and other wildlife. 
What's New with Books!
Learn About Bees!

Just like grizzlies need to stock up on food right now, this time of year bees are making honey to help sustain them through the winter when flowers are not available. During winter, bees form a huddle in their hive and create a shivering movement with their wings to create heat. The Queen bee is safe and warm in the middle of the hive. 

Our newest book is all about bees! Bees are incredibly important to our whole ecosystem. They pollinate the plants that grow our food. In this book, Lili, the Brave Bee's Flight for a New Home, Lili and her friend learn where - and where not - to locate a new hive. 
Green Kids News
Gorilla's Roar

Beautiful new art by Andreas Wessel-Therhorn from the new revision to Gorilla's Roar!  Copies will be available by early November. 
What We're Following...
Just this past week, the World Wildlife Foundation released their Living Planet Report 2022. The disturbing report says the world's wildlife population has dropped by 69% in the past 50 years. The report notes humans as the main cause - through things like pollution, overfishing and destruction of animal habitats. 

In October, we celebrate both World Animal Day and World Habitat Day. Here at Green Kids we believe is important to be good stewards of the planet and to teach others how to take care of the environment and animals as well. 
Our Environmental Hero This Quarter
We are happy to announce our new Environmental Hero for this quarter is David Casselman!  

David Casselman, as he puts it, feels called to the herculean task of changing hearts and minds about the importance of helping animals and the planet. An accomplished civil trial lawyer, David spent decades doing pro bono work on animal rights cases in addition to successfully championing litigation and teaching law classes in California.

Now retired from law, he pursues his passion to protect animals and their environments full-time. He is the founder of the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and has been actively involved in the Whale Sanctuary Project. He has also partnered up with Lek Chailert and Darrick Thompson with the Elephant Nature Park

As the founder of Ecoflix, the world’s first non-profit streaming service devoted to education about nature, animals and related ecological issues, David champions causes around the world. He hopes to use this avenue to reach like-minded people who are passionate and will take action to save animals and the planet.

Thank you David for making a difference!

To hear our interview and learn more about David go to our homepage link here.

Drought in Africa
Drought in Kenya and Impacts on Animals and Its People

Kenya and many other countries in Africa are battling one of the most significant droughts they have ever had. And with it comes the considerable loss of wildlife. Green Kids has been working closely with our non-profit arm Love the Wild Foundation to provide food for villagers' cattle and goats as well as hay for wildlife outside the perimeter of the Oltome Community Village.  

If you want to donate to support this project, please click here to donate.  
October Animal & Environment Observances

Month: (Alpha Order)

  • World Animal Month

2022 Weeks: (Alpha Order)

  • National Wolf Awareness week - October 18-24 (Third Week of October)

2022 Days: (Date Order)

  • World Farm Animals Day - October 2
  • World Habitat Day - October 3 (First Monday of October) 
  • World Animal Day - October 4
  • International Sawfish Day - October 17
  • World Okapi Day - October 18
  • International Sloth Day - October 20
  • National Reptile Awareness Day - October 21
  • International Wombat Day - October 22
  • International Snow Leopard Day - October 23
  • Freshwater Dolphin Day - October 24
  • international Gibbon Day - October 24
  • International Day of Climate Action - October 24
  • Sustainability Day - October 26 (Fourth Wednesday of October)
  • World Lemur Day - October 28 (Last Friday of October)
Update from the Field
Elephants Without Borders

Green Kids has worked closely with Elephants without Borders (EWB) for many years.  In fact, from the inception of the Elephant Orphanage where they took their first orphan, Molelo to live.  As some of you may know Molelo has left this world and is now our elephant angel watching out for all of his remaining herd - the beautiful girls - Panda, Boipuso, and Tuli.  The main goal of the orphanage was to eventually release the herd into the wild where they can move on and live in a natural state for elephants. Recently, EWB took the remaining herd to a place where they can make this happen. 

In EWB's own words, "There comes a day when one's efforts are lumped into one, large emotional hurdle. For EWB's team that day had come... when, we had to let the three elephant orphans that have been under our care since they were a few months old, be moved to a more remote site to become independent and less reliant on the team. We know it is for their best interest for them to transition into strong, adapted, rehabilitated elephants in preparation for their return into the wild lands of Africa. Our hearts will miss them near us, but our minds are relieved in knowing that we gave them our best efforts and can watch their successful adaptation from afar. In the last few months, our three elephants that have been taken care of since they were small were moved to a new location by the great caretakers at Elephants Without Borders. The elephants will now live more independently, learning to rely less and less on humans. This is exciting news! Watch the video here. "

Thank You to all of the team at EWB for making a difference!
Environmental Non-Profit or NGO Highlight

Teton Wildlife Foundation

Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (TWRC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of native wildlife species through the rehabilitation of injured, sick, and orphaned animals. Through rehabilitation and education, they increase the chances of wildlife survival. TWRC operates out of Teton Valley, Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming and release all animals that are able to be rehabilitated. They only rehabilitate animals that are injured by human causes.

Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center partners with local, state and federal organizations to leverage additional types of interventions. Wild animals in need of rehabilitation are accepted from a broad area, including Idaho and Wyoming, at the discretion of staff and under the stipulations of our permits.


To commemorate our new book about bees, we are giving away Lili, the Brave Bee's Flight for a New Home, to the first three people responding to Contact us.  One book per give away.  

Complete the information and let us know you are submitting for this giveaway, and you will receive a book from us!

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