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Hi Green Kids! Welcome to the Green Kids Club Newsletter where you can keep up with the Green Kids Club happenings each month, learn some new things, and challenge yourself as a true Green Kid ambassador for the planet.

The Latest News

Princess is finally here! Following in the footsteps of Molelo and Elee, our other Baby Environmental Heroes, Princess follows a young orangutan's friendship with a human after her home was destroyed. This book is based on a true story. 50% of our proceeds will go to help the Orang Utan Republik Foundation and their missions helping orangutans and educating the public in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Animal Calendar

July is National Bison month, Wild About Wildlife month, and also has these specific animal observations:

  • July 10 - Don’t Step on a Bee Day
  • July 12 - Cow Appreciation Day
  • July 14-20 - Coral Reef Awareness Week
  • July 15 - I Love Horses Day
  • July 15 - Shark Awareness Day
  • July 16 - World Snake Day
  • July 21 - Monkey Day
  • July 23 - Mosquito Day
  • July 27-August 11 - National Marine Week
  • July 29 - International Tiger Day

Bee Facts

Don't step on a Bee Day is July 10. Bees are featured in our book, Shooga to the Rescue. Did you know that some bees are considered to be endangered? Bees are excellent pollinators and can visit up to 1,000 flowers in one trip from the hive, which is important to plants' survival, and thus animals' food supplies, too. Bees can beat their wings 200 times per second. They have 5 eyes, 6 wings, and can see all colors except red. So next time you see a bee on the sidewalk, give it some room and don't step on it!

July's Reader Challenge

In honor of our new book, Princess, let's take a look at palm oil. You've probably heard that palm oil plantations are to blame for deforestation in SE Asia and subsequent loss of habitat for orangutans. What exactly is palm oil? It's shocking how many of the products in our homes contain palm oil. Once you read labels, you'll find it's in everything from peanut butter and margarine to shampoo and toothpaste to makeup and noodles. Your challenge this month is just to be an aware consumer. Check labels to ensure that what you buy is palm oil-free (it has many names) or that the palm oil is harvested sustainably, which means that they did not tear down new forest to make it.

For more information, Takepart has a great, short video to learn more about this issue or research orangutans and how you can help from our partner, the Orang Utan Republik Foundation. Greenpeace has also issued a report card for various companies and their stance in the palm oil industry, so you can see who is falling short and who is enacting change.


We are giving away 3 Princess books to the first 3 readers to comment on our Facebook page or to send a note to to claim their copy of Princess!

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