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We'll have another Baby Environmental Hero joining Molelo and Elee soon. Princess follows a young orangutan's friendship with a human, based on a true story. Look for her new book to be released in the next month! 50% of our proceeds will go to help the Orang Utan Republik Foundation.

Animal Calendar

June is Zoo and Aquarium month, Adopt a Shelter Cat month, and also has these specific animal observations:

June 2 - National Animal Rights Day
June 3-9 - Companion Animal Appreciation Week
June 8 - World Oceans Day
June 16 - World Sea Turtle Day
June 17-23 - Pollinator Week
June 17-23 - Animal Rights Awareness Week
June 17-21 - Take Your Pet to Work Week
June 20 - American Eagle Day

Sea Turtle Facts

World Sea Turtle Day is observed on June 16. Sea turtles have been in existence on Earth for over the last 100 million years! That makes them one of the oldest species still around today, as they outlived the dinosaurs. Some sea turtles can stay underwater up to five hours, though they usually come up for air every 3-5 minutes. There are 7 species of sea turtle, six of which are considered endangered, partly due to plastic ingestion, coastal encroachment, and fishing net entanglement.

June's Reader Challenge

In honor of World Oceans Day, let's take a look at improving our oceans. They are under threat from overfishing, pollution, and global warming. Read here for more information or try simple changes like:

  • A lot of the trash in the ocean is plastic, so do things like bring a reusable straw or go without the lid/straw for your drink, take reusable bags to the grocery store, and look for items that are packaged in biodegradable or more earth-friendly materials.
  • Buy seafood that comes from sustainable sources.
  • Organize a beach clean-up or pick up litter the next time you are near a body of water.
  • Support businesses that are environmentally savvy and stop visiting or contact those that use too much plastic.
  • Learn more about the plight of our oceans and research how you can help.


We are giving away 3 of our Denali eagles for American Eagle Day for the first 3 readers to send a note to to claim their eagle!

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