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Celebrate the summer with some Green Kids Club books and toys, we are offering a 25 percent discount to anyone that uses the code SUMMER25, available until July 31st.

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Rick McIntyre

We had the pleasure of interviewing noted wolf expert, Rick McIntyre, as our Environmental Hero this quarter! Rick stands as an eminent figure in the field of wolf research, renowned for his unwavering dedication and profound insights into these magnificent creatures. For over four decades, Rick has studied wolves, immersing himself in their captivating world. His extensive experience and in-depth knowledge have earned him a reputation as a leading authority on wolf behavior and ecology. Notably, Rick spent a significant portion of his career in Yellowstone National Park, meticulously documenting over 100,000 wolf sightings. Affectionately known as the "wolf interpreter," he has shared his expertise through captivating talks and educational endeavors, enlightening audiences about the complexities of wolf pack dynamics, territories, and activities. His invaluable contributions as a researcher and author have played a pivotal role in enhancing our understanding and appreciation of these iconic apex predators and their vital role in maintaining ecological balance.

EWB Kids
Photo by EWB
EWB workers
Photo by EWB
Saving the Survivors with Moyo
Saving the Survivors
Johann and Rhino
Saving the Survivors
Orang Utan Republik Kids
Photo by Juli Yanti

Green Kids Club Supports

Non-Profit Organizations

For the last several years, Green Kids Club has been promoting educational materials and story lines with Elephants Without Borders (EWB). We have also co-written books with the Orang Utan Republik Foundation, Blood Lions, Cougar Fund, and Saving the Survivors. We believe these groups, and other organizations like them, are doing very important work on the front lines to save our wildlife for future generations. You can help make a difference too! When you purchase anything from our store, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the wildlife organization of your choice.

Green Kids Club founder Sylvia M. Medina, also has created their own non-profit, Love the Wild Foundation. You can find out more by going to the website.


Learn more about all of the non-profits we support on our Non-Profit Initiatives and Organizations We Support pages.


Photos by Sylvia Medina, EWB, Juli Yanti, Ry Emmerson, Cath Jakins, Johan Marais, and Sue Cedarholm.

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