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March 2024
Hi Green Kids!

Welcome to the Green Kids Club Newsletter where you can keep up with the Green Kids Club happenings each month, learn some new things, and challenge yourself as a true Green Kid ambassador for the planet! 

Photo in honor of Dolphin Awareness Month
Environmental Hero - Update
Ian Michler - Update

We first interviewed Ian Michler for our Environmental Hero series in 2021. Ian is well-known for his roles as the lead character, researcher, and co-campaign leader of the award-winning documentary "Blood Lions." Ian is a highly respected conservationist, wildlife photographer, and eco-tourism operator, best known for his tireless efforts in promoting wildlife conservation and responsible tourism practices in Africa. His commitment has taken him across the continent, where he has documented the beauty of Africa's wildlife while also exposing the threats they face from poaching, habitat loss, and human-wildlife conflict. He has highlighted the terrible industry of predator breeding and canned hunting industries in South Africa. Canned hunts are where animals are confined to an area and cannot escape while being hunted. Ian's work serves as an inspiration to individuals and organizations around the world. You can watch the trailer of the movie here and watch the entire movie on this link. We would encourage you to watch it if you can. 

We recently caught up with him about the politics associated with this issue and the challenges of making changes to this terrible industry. Click here to listen to Ian's update.  Blood Lions is highlighted below as our non-profit or NGO of the month. Go there to learn more about Blood Lions and what you can do to help!

Wild Green Kids Club
Love is in the Air Poetry Contest

Think about the cool breezes, the towering trees, the mysterious oceans, and all the amazing creatures that call our planet home. 

Write us a poem about something you love in nature and send it to us with a related picture - taken by your or a drawing. We will award prizes to our top 3 favorites. 
Submit your poems by April 30th to
Featured Books

White Wolves of Yellowstone

We have been hard at work on new books about wolves! Our first one tells a story spanning the lives of two famous Yellowstone Park white wolves - Canyon and her daughter, Wapiti. The book features illustrations from former Disney animator, Andreas Wessel-Therhorn. Stay tuned for our announcement of when it will be available!  Part of our proceeds will go to Wolves of the Rockies and Trap Free Montana
Check out our books on Kindle and Amazon!
Stories We Have Been Following
World Wildlife Day Children's Art Contest

On World Wildlife Day, March 3, the International Fund for Animal Welfare held its annual youth art contest, highlighting this year's theme of digital innovation in wildlife conservation. Out of over 3,000 submissions from 141 countries, 15 semi-finalist artworks were chosen in several different age groups. The finalists' entries, along with information about the artists, can be viewed online.  Check it out to see some more amazing works! 
Migratory Birds

This month we celebrate the annual return of cliff swallows to their homes in San Juan Capistrano. Migratory birds of all kinds play an important role in maintaining our planet's biodiversity by pollinating plants, transporting key nutrients, preying on pests, and helping to store carbon. A recent report suggests many migratory bird populations are in decline. Click here to read more from this historic report. 
March Animal & Environment Observances

Month: (Alpha Order)

  • Dolphin Awareness Month

2024 Weeks: (Alpha Order)

  • Festival of Owls Week - March 1-3, 2024
  • National Aardvark Week - Second Week of March
  • National Animal Poison Prevention Week - March 17-24, 2024 (Third Full Week of March)
  • Termite Awareness Week - March 10-16, 2024

2024 Days: (Date Order)

  • National Pig Day - March 1
  • World Wildlife Day - March 3
  • Learn About Butterflies Day - March 14
  • Save a Spider Day - March 14
  • Buzzard Day - March 15
  • National Panda Day - March 16
  • Save the Panther Day - March 16, 2024 (Third Saturday in March)
  • World Frog Day - March 20
  • World Sparrow Day - March 20
  • International Day of the Seal - March 22
  • Manatee Appreciation Day - March 27, 2024 (Last Wednesday in March)

Photo courtesy of the Chester Zoo.


The second week in March is National Aardvark Week. Aardvarks are unique mammals found in Africa. They have long snouts that they use to sniff out their favorite food: ants and termites! Aardvarks are nocturnal, which means they are most active at night. They have strong claws that they use to dig burrows where they can sleep during the day. Their name comes from the Afrikaans word meaning "earth pig," which describes their pig-like appearance and their habit of digging in the ground. Despite their name, aardvarks are not related to pigs. Instead, they are more closely related to elephants! 

Featured Environmental
Blood Lions

The Blood Lions organization continues to raise awareness and advocate against the exploitation of captive-bred lions in South Africa, focusing on issues such as canned hunting, the bone trade, and unethical tourism practices like cub petting and walking with lions. They emphasize the difference between sanctuaries and captive facilities, critique the portrayal of predator interaction by influencers, and work on finding common ground with traditional health practitioners to address the industry's impact. For more details on their latest efforts and campaigns, you can visit their official website.

To hear Ian Michler read the book we co-authored, click here.
March Book Giveaway
Lek, the Elephant Whisperer is hot off the press. Be among the first to read this inspiring story about Lek Chailert, a real life elephant whisperer who works hard to save elephants in Thailand from abuse and captivity. Email and tell us one thing you want to know Lek or elephants and we will send free books to the first three people we hear from at
In Case You Missed It...

We want kids to join our Wild Green Kids Club!  Children learn about animals and their environment and they can win books and toys through fun contests! Click on the link to find out more!

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