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August 2023 Newsletter
Hi Green Kids!

Welcome to the Green Kids Club Newsletter where you can keep up with the Green Kids Club happenings each month, learn some new things, and challenge yourself as a true Green Kid ambassador for the planet! 

Photo to commemorate World Orangutan Day this month! 
Environmental Hero
Rick McIntyre

We proudly honor Rick McIntyre as our Environmental Hero for this quarter! Rick's dedication to observing and documenting wolves in the wild spans more than four decades. 

During our interview with Rick, he shared about Wolf 6, a female wolf in Yellowstone National Park who was incredibly beautiful and smart. She was also very selective before she chose her mates. During her time as the alpha female in her pack, she had many pups and outsmarted both humans and rival wolves to protect, feed and grow her family. 

Click here to listen to our interview with Rick! 
Wild Green Kids Club
Upcoming Books
Stay tuned for our next book! It is the amazing story of Lek Chailart, the founder of Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Click here to learn more about her and stay tuned as we share more from our upcoming book!
Our books are now on Kindle and Amazon!
Stories We Have Been Following

August 10 is World Lion Day. Many people don't know that there are 8,000 to 10,000 lions (or more) being held in small enclosures in captive lion facilities across South Africa. They are kept for canned hunts - bred to be killed. Check out #PrideNotCruelty on Instagram or Facebook to learn more or click HERE to learn about the amazing organization Blood Lions. You can also listen to a recent podcast from the Blood Lions group to hear about their conservation efforts. Also follow @bloodlionsofficial to see their efforts to change the laws in South Africa and save these majestic animals from their current fate. 

Our book - A "Tail" of Three Lions - helps educate children about this sensitive topic. Be one of the first three people to email us at with the headline "Blood Lions" and we will send one to you free!


Project Chimps shared some sad news last month about Kareem, a celebrated alpha male at their sanctuary, and the inspiration for our book Hope for Kareem. In June, Kareem sustained an injury and during the treatment for that, a mass was discovered. Testing revealed cancer is the cause.  

On the Project Chimps website, they wrote "Kareem, 35, is a former research chimpanzee who spent 29 years in various laboratories in the United States. He arrived at Project Chimps on November 7, 2018, establishing himself as an alpha who rules his group with compassion, not fear. In his time at the sanctuary, he has experienced a happy and graceful life, enjoying the environment and nutritious diets all the chimps are given. He has had fulfilling companionship as well, thanks to all of his chimp friends at the sanctuary, and generous support and funding from people around the globe."

Kareem has been an inspiring leader; everyone respects him, chimps and humans alike. He has been so kind and forgiving of what some humans have done to him and hasn’t held a grudge against the rest of us. His loss will be one we will all feel for a long time,” Ali Crumpacker, Executive Director of Project Chimps said. 

Click here to donate to Project Chimps to support their amazing work. 

Rhinoceros News
Just this month, South Africans received news that their efforts to crack down on and prevent the poaching of rhinos has been successful in the world famous Kruger Park. The government reported 42 of the park's rhinos had been killed for their horns the first half of 2023, but that is half of the number killed last year. Overall, South Africa has seen an 11% drop in poaching of rhinos so far in 2023.  This number may seem small, but every rhino saved is significant. 

Green Kids Club supports The Rhino Orphanage and their efforts to rehabilitate and raise rhinos whose moms have been poached. Click on the link to learn more about their historic efforts and to support them. 
August Animal & Environment Observances

Photo from our book A "Tail" of Three Lions in honor of World Lion Day!

Month: (Alpha Order)

  • National Dog Month

2023 Weeks: (Alpha Order)

  • International Bat Weekend - August 25-27, 2023 (Last Full Weekend in August)

2023 Days: (Date Order)

  • World Lion Day - August 10
  • World Elephant Day - August 12
  • World Lizard Day - August 14
  • World Honey Bee Day - August 19
  • World Orangutan Day - August 19
  • International Whale Shark Day - August 30


Featured Environmental
Green Kids Club is proud to partner with this amazing organization. Wyoming Wildlife Advocates works with several organizations, educating and collaborating about issues involving wildlife management in their state.

 Check out their website HERE to learn more!
In honor of this month's celebration of International Bat Weekend and World Honey Bee Day, we will give away Lili the Brave Bee to the first three people who email us at It features illustrations by the very talented Disney animator, Andreas Wessel-Therhorn! 
In Case You Missed It...

We want kids to join our Wild Green Kids Club!  Children learn about animals and their environment and they can win books and toys through fun contests! Click on the link to find out more!

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