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May 2023 Newsletter
Hi Green Kids!

Welcome to the Green Kids Club Newsletter where you can keep up with the Green Kids Club happenings each month, learn some new things, and challenge yourself as a true Green Kid ambassador for the planet! 

Photo to commemorate World Bee Day this month!
Environmental Hero
Leslie Weinstein

Our environmental hero this quarter is the inspiring Leslie Weinstein, the founder of Turtles Fly Too. Fly Too's mission is to use general aviation to aid in "first responder" relocation efforts for endangered species, by engaging expert pilots and their aircraft, fuel, and time. The organization partners with NOAA and USFWS to educate about general aviation's importance to society, specifically in endangered sea turtle rescue. Turtles Fly Too is relied upon by NOAA and other groups to provide air transportation during cold stun events, entanglements, or injuries, reducing stress and travel time for the animals.

here to read about how Turtles Fly Too helps with cold-stunned turtles,  or click here to watch our video interview!  Last year alone, Turtles Fly Too flew 385 turtles to warmer places to help in their rehabilitation! Way to go Leslie and crew! 
Upcoming Books

Our Books In Noah Text!

Noah Text is a font designed specifically for people with dyslexia. It was developed by Dutch graphic designer Christian Boer, who has dyslexia himself, to make reading easier and more comfortable for people with this condition. The font incorporates a number of design features that are intended to reduce the common challenges that dyslexic readers face, such as confusing similar-looking letters or skipping lines while reading. Some of the key features of Noah Text include wider spaces between letters and words, heavier lines at the bottom of each character to anchor it to the line, and variations in letter shapes that make each character more distinct.

You can now get The Belize Trash Monster and Grizzly 399 in Noah Text format!
Our books are now on Kindle and Amazon!
Stories We Have Been Following

Photo by Thomas D. Mangelsen

Grizzly News

As May arrives, bears are emerging from hibernation across the Yellowstone Park area. Sadly, authorities are investigating the tragic shooting of a large grizzly bear found dead May 2 by the side of a highway about 14 miles from the Park. Although there are legal provisions in Wyoming for bear hunting, the illegal poaching of a grizzly can lead to harsh penalties, including up to a $50,000 fine and a year in prison.

In other news, Grizzly 399 has still not been seen, but nature lovers all over the area are anxiously watching for her! She just may become the oldest observed grizzly bear momma. How many cubs do you think she'll have?  Send your prediction with a date when you think she'll emerge.  Whoever is the closest - will win a plush toy and Grizzly 399 book!  Send to with the subject - Grizzly 399 Prediction.
Save the Rhino
Save the Rhino Day happens each May. Green Kids Club works with amazing organizations such as Saving the Survivors and The Rhino Orphanage to educate people about the challenges faced by this beautiful animal hunted for its horn. We support these organizations through proceeds from the sale of our books Kabelo, A Silly Little Rhino and Little Moyo, which tell stories about the struggles rhinos face to survive. Green Kids Club supports saving rhinos and all other animals impacted by habitat loss and irresponsible human actions.

Balega, pictured above, was rescued and taken to The Rhino Orphanage after his mom died. You can read about this cute little guy here and see how you can support him and other orphaned rhinos!
May Animal & Environment Observances

Month: (Alpha Order)

  • Be Kind to Animals Month
  • Gardening for Wildlife Month
  • National Pet Month

2023 Weeks: (Alpha Order)

  • Be Kind to Animals Week - May 7-13, 2023 (First Full Week in May)
  • National Pet Week - May 7-13, 2023 (First Full Week in May)

2023 Days: (Date Order)

  • Save the Rhino Day - May 1
  • Start Seeing Monarchs Day - May 6, 2023 (First Saturday in May)
  • World Migratory Bird Day - May 13, 2023 (Second Saturday in May)
  • Endangered Species Day - May 19, 2023 (Third Friday in May)
  • World Bee Day - May 20
  • World Turtle Day - May 23
  • Whooping Crane Day - May 28
  • Pink Flamingo Day - May 29
  • World Otter Day - May 31, 2023 (Last Wednesday in May)
  • World Parrot Day - May 31
Environmental Non-Profit
or NGO Highlight

Cheetah Conservation Fund

The mission of Cheetah Conservation Fund is to establish itself as a globally acknowledged hub of expertise in safeguarding cheetahs and their natural habitats. Through collaboration with all interested parties, CCF strives to advance optimal methods for research, education, and land utilization that benefit all living beings, including humans.

CCF envisions a world where cheetahs thrive alongside people, within a sustainable system that protects the environment, maintains social responsibility, and supports economic prosperity. Click here to watch a video about them and to learn more! 

May Book Giveaway
In honor of World Bee Day this month, you can get a copy of Lili the Brave Bee's Flight for a New Home illustrated by the amazingly talented Andreas Wessel-Therhorn! The first two people to email us at and tell us why they want the book will receive one from us!
In Case You Missed It...

Have your kids join the Wild Green Kids Club!  Children learn about animals and their environment and they can win books and toys through fun contests!

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