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February 2023 Newsletter
Hi Green Kids!

Welcome to the Green Kids Club Newsletter where you can keep up with the Green Kids Club happenings each month, learn some new things, and challenge yourself as a true Green Kid ambassador for the planet! 
Our New Environmental Hero
Leslie Weinstein

Our environmental hero this quarter is the inspiring Leslie Weinstein, the founder of Turtles Fly Too. This organization helps rescue sea turtles - and occasionally other aquatic animals as well - by flying them to locations where they can be rehabilitated and released back into the wild. 

Growing up in oceanside Florida, Leslie was fascinated by sea turtles' nesting habits. Leslie would watch, in fascination, as the turtles would crawl out of the water at night, lay eggs, and use their strong flippers to cover up to 200 small white balls with sand. Leslie knew that humans and animals often dug up the eggs, resulting in their destruction.

To prevent this, he began relocating the eggs to his family's beach, digging new nests, redepositing the eggs, and fencing them off with chicken wire. By doing this, successful hatchlings then returned to the beach the following seasons to lay their eggs. In 2010, Leslie and his wife made a decision to donate the beachfront acreage to the University of Florida to conduct research, conservation, and education. This beach is now critical for the University in learning all they can about the following seven turtle species – Loggerheads, Hawksbills, Greens, Olive Ridleys, Leatherbacks, Flatbacks and the very endangered Kemp’s Ridleys.

In 2014, Leslie got the chance to incorporate another passion of his - aviation - into his turtle conservation efforts. He heard that an aquarium in New England had been overwhelmed by sea turtles that had been cold-stunned.  This happens when the water temperature in the ocean drops suddenly, causing the turtles' body temperatures to decrease to dangerously low levels. Leslie connected with pilots he knew, and a small group of aviators flew to recover the turtles and transport them to Florida for rehabilitation.

This was the beginning of Turtles Fly Too, which has rescued thousands of turtles since its inception. According to Weinstein, the number of cold-stunned turtles averaged fewer than 100 per season years ago, but that “has skyrocketed.” Weather patterns have become less predictable. The water off the northern United States stays warmer longer and then surprises the animals with a sudden drop before they can migrate south safely. “We definitely, have a problem with climate change,” he says, and the number of turtles needing transportation increases yearly.

See this video produced by Brave Wilderness, dealing with the issues surrounding cold-stunned turtles. Keep an eye out for Green Kids' entire interview with Leslie Weinstein coming soon!  
We are thrilled to announce that Gorilla's Roar will be out at the end of February!  Hear how the Green Kids and their ranger friend help return a baby gorilla to its family!  See new art illustrations by Andreas Wessel-Therhorn.   
Our Books are now on Kindle and Amazon!
Grizzly 399 Hibernation Pandemonium and Elee and the Shining Star are two of many of our books now listed on Kindle Amazon.
Save the Date!

Join us! Hear authors, Sylvia Medina and Grace Peters, talk about our book Hope for Kareem. This touching story is about a young chimp used in medical experimentation who eventually is rescued and released to the sanctuary at Project Chimps. You can go here on YouTube now and set a reminder for this fun book club event! It takes place on February 16 at 2:00pm Mountain/4:00 Eastern. 
We are excited about a new award! Our book Grizzly 399 and Her Four Hungry Cubs has won a Maincrest Media Award in Children's Fiction! If you haven't read it, this book is an amazing story about the famous Grizzly 399 and her most recent litter of multiple cubs. Children learn about bears looking for food outside the den and what it takes to feed four hungry bear cubs! You can get your copy here!
Stories We Have Been Following
P-22's Impact on California Mountain Lions
Last month, we reported on the unfortunate death of P-22, a mountain lion who traversed busy freeways to make his home in Griffith Park, in the Hollywood Hills. He was an iconic part of their community. He became a popular symbol to save threatened populations of mountain lions, especially in the California area.

Just last week, California news outlets reported a second mountain lion, four-year-old P-81, was found deceased after being hit by a car on the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu. So what is being done about the situation there in Southern California?  Well, P-22 - not only left his pawprint on the community - but his remembrance will be in the building of the world's largest wildlife bridge across 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills.  This is the freeway that P-22 had to traverse in order to find the Griffith Park habitat in the Hollywood hills where he called home. His life - will and is - making a difference!  See a short video in this article about P-22

Biologists and animal activists are working to figure out how to help these animals live in such fragmented habitats. Join us over the next few months as we follow stories like this and learn more about what people are doing to encourage animals and humans to coexist peacefully. 

Grizzly Bear Delisting

On February 6, the Jackson Hole News and Guide reported, "it appears that federal wildlife officials have determined that Wyoming and Montana's petitions to remove grizzly bears from the Endangered Species Act protection are credible enough to be studied for another year." Some of the issues needing further study include the loss of grizzly bear protection, but also allowing states to manage their own grizzly bear populations. Advocates are concerned this could result in mismanagement of grizzly populations, similar to what happened in Idaho with wolf populations.

In an interview published on Boise State Public Radio, "Andrea Zacccardi from the Center for Biological Diversity said removing federal protections would pave the way for trophy hunts. 'It takes a female grizzly bear approximately ten years to replace herself in the wild,' she said. 'Grizzly bears, as opposed to some other species in our ecosystem, are not likely to rebound very quickly from aggressive hunts.'" Green Kids follows Grizzly 399 and her cubs and how this plan will impact them and others.

Breaking News for Idaho: The request to remove grizzly bears from the endangered list was denied by the Department of the Interior! 

Speaking of Bears...
It's that time of year when baby grizzlies are being born! Here at Green Kids Club, we have all been talking about how many cubs we think Grizzly 399 may bring with her after hibernation. What do you think?

When baby grizzly bears are born, they are blind and have no fur. They weigh about one pound - about the same as a can of soup. They'll spend the next several months snuggled up warmly next to their mom, nursing very creamy milk that helps them gain the weight they need before they can safely emerge from the den. 

Stay tuned for more bear updates as spring approaches and arrives!

Photo Credit - Thomas D. Mangelsen
February Animal & Environment Observances

Month: (Alpha Order)

  • Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month
  • Humpback Whale Awareness Month
  • National Goat Yoga Month
  • National Wild Bird-Feeding Month
  • Responsible Pet Owner Month

2023 Weeks: (Alpha Order)

  • Bird Health Awareness Week - February 19-25, 2023 (Last Full Week of February)
  • Great Backyard Bird Count - February 17-20, 2023
  • Homes for Birds Week - February 12-18, 2023 (Second Full Week of February)
  • National Justice for Animals Week - February 19-25, 2023 (Begins on the Fourth Week in February)
  • National Nestbox Week - February 14-21
  • Whooping Crane Festival - February 24-27, 2022 (2023 TBA)

2023 Days: (Date Order)

  • Groundhog Day - February 2
  • Hedgehog Day - February 2
  • Marmot Day (Alaska) - February 2
  • Feed the Birds Day - February 3
  • Western Monarch Day - February 5
  • National Hippo Day - February 15
  • World Pangolin Day - February 18, 2023 - (Third Saturday in February)
  • World Whale Day - February 18, 2023 - (Third Saturday in February)
  • National Wildlife Day - February 22 (In 2018 this date was permanently changed from September 4 in honor of Steve Irving's Birthday!)
  • International Polar Bear Day - February 27
Environmental Non-Profit or NGO Highlight

Ocean Wise

We recently learned about Ocean Wisean amazing organization making a difference. 

We were especially impressed that they work with communities around the world to take meaningful action to protect and restore the oceans.  They work with various groups - business leaders, researchers, governments and ocean lovers around the world - to protect whales, fight climate change, restore biodiversity, protect and restore fish stocks, create innovative activities for a plastic-free ocean, and education.  

For educators, they have educational platforms you can download and take to your classroom to teach children the importance of the waters surrounding us! 

Green Kids plans to be working with them soon!

February Book Giveaway
To help you be ready for our February 16 collaboration with Project Chimps, we are giving away copies of our Hope for Kareem book to the first three people contacting us — one book per person.  Complete the information and let us know you are submitting the request to participate on the 16th, and you will receive a book from us!
In Case You Missed It...

Princess storytelling with Dr. Gary Shapiro - click here.

Hear us read Grizzly 399
and  A Tail of Three Lions told by Ian Michler and Sylvia Medina.

Our first E-book, Grizzly 399, is out on Amazon Kindle Books. You can take this book anywhere you can carry your phone!!!!

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