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We Are Excited to Announce That Lili the Brave Bee won the Maincrest Media Book Award

Maincrest has awarded our book, Lili the Brave Bee's Flight For a New Home, with a Maincrest Book Award. They described our book as such, "A beautiful story that showcases how working together to create positive change can make a true difference. When a  farmer uses pesticides to kill weeds on the farm where Queen Bee Loapi and her colony live, brave Princess Lili embarks on an adventure facing dangerous perils along the way to find her colony’s new home. The plot has been masterfully written, with many unique elements and surprises that will keep young readers engaged and reading on. The characters have been well developed with full backstories that bring the story to life. Themes of working together, persistence, and adventure tie the work together in a memorable way."

You can check out Lili the Brave Bee's Flight For a New Home by clicking HERE, or the button below.

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