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April 2022 Newsletter
Hi Green Kids!

Welcome to the Green Kids Club Newsletter where you can keep up with the Green Kids Club happenings each month, learn some new things, and challenge yourself as a true Green Kid ambassador for the planet (adult or child)!  This is a photo of Kareem a survivor of animal medical testing saved by Project Chimps - in commemoration of World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week April 24-30, 2022 
What's New with Books!
Our new book about Grizzly 399 and the ventures of her new cubs will be out shortly.  For pre-orders click here.
Green Kids News
Wolves being Poached in or Around Yellowstone 

Credible but unverified reports of wolf poaching have been reported in and around the Yellowstone border. The relaxed regulations in the zones surrounding Yellowstone have emboldened trophy hunters and have created an environment in which poaching is easier to conceal. Legal hunting leads to more illegal hunting. The organizations Wyoming Wildlife Advocate, Wolves of the Rockies, Trap Free Montana Public Lands, The 06 Legacy, and Wyoming Untrapped have joined together to offer this reward leading to the conviction of individuals guilty of poaching wolves around or within Yellowstone National Park - see the poster.    

Meet Morgan 

Meet Morgan Spicer, our illustrator for the Environmental Heroes book series.  Morgan is foremost a Vegan and a Dogmom and lives by the sea with her husband and 5 puppies!  Morgan has illustrated over 40 books and creates pet portraits as well.  She graduated from Syracuse University and worked in a small animation studio while walking dogs part-time!  Thank you Morgan for amazing work!  See more about Morgan at Bark Points Studio. 

Environmental Hero (Heroine)
We are so happy to announce that Lek Chailert, founder of Save Elephant Foundation is our newest Environmental Hero for this quarter.  Lek has helped to save the lives of hundreds of elephants in Asia through her work where she educates elephant owners and helps them to transition their businesses away from having their elephants be ridden, perform for circuses, and other harmful venues.  Lek's work has received international recognition through mainstream media.  She recently was involved with a story called Love and Bananas' - see the trailer - where she teaches us about the plight of the elephant.  Lek is known as the Elephant Whisperer of Thailand.  Thank you Lek for all your wonderful work - go to this link on our homepage to hear our entire interview with Lek!   
What We're Following...
Breaking News - Bear Proof Garbage Cans Will be a Requirement in Jackson, Wyoming!

On April 12th there was a meeting with the Teton County Commission in Jackson, Wyoming to determine if they will be implementing regulations requiring bear-proof containers. We are happy to say that the ordinance passed unanimously.  So this means that Bear-resistant trash cans are now mandatory in Teton County starting July 1st - as well as new regulations regarding wildlife feeding and bear-proofing other significant attractants!  Thank you County Commissioners for making a difference!  We hope this will help to save the grizzly bears of the area from becoming habituated or conditioned to eating food and trash people leave outside. 
Lolita - status of release

There is an Orca named Lolita.  She lives in a small 35 foot wide tank at the Miami Seaquarium.  When she was 4 years old she was taken from her mother in the Puget Sound and brought to Miami.  She has lived in this tank for 50 years alone. She is now apparently officially retired. But I am not sure exactly what this means. According to some articles – she is still at the same facility and doing some of the exact shows she did earlier.  I know there is a focus to free release her, but questions arise as to whether she can survive once released.
Groups are Racing to Try and Save Zoo Animals in the Ecopark in Kharviv, Ukraine

Caretakers at the Ecopark Zoo in Kharviv are trying to relocate animals that have been exposed to "massive shelling and bombardment," according to founder, Alexander Feldman. The problem arising is mainly the destruction of cages where large predators live.  If another incident occurs - lions, tigers, bears may be free and go towards villages where people are living.  

Also, if new homes are not found other animals may be required to euthanized. The organization Animal Survival International is working hard to try and save over 6,000 animals at this facility. 

April Animal & Environment Observances
  • National Frog Month
  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
2022 Weeks: 
  • Animal Cruelty / Human Violence Awareness Week - April 17-23, 2022  (Third Week in April)
  • International Wildlife Film Week - April 23-30, 2022 (Also: Virtual May 1-7, 2022)
  • National Wildlife Week - April 5-9, 2022
  • World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week - April 24-30, 2022
2022 Days:   
World Veterinarian Day
For those of you who have not been able to meet Dr. Johann Morais - I would like to thank Doctor Morais for the wonderful work he has done to save animals that have been poached and are yet still alive.  He embodies what veterinarians are about - they make a difference despite the dangers they may encounter. Especially in South Africa - the dangers encompass potential poachers and the pain of seeing what the animals have encountered. Thank you Dr. Morais!  To learn more about his work go to Saving the Survivor homepage. 
Earth Day
So now that Earth Day is almost upon us - what can you do to make a REAL difference?  Start by doing a few things in your home or lifestyle changes - recycle, ride your bike, pick up trash, write a letter to your legislator to help animals that need laws to keep them from going into an endangered status or safe, start an environmental club at your school, challenge your friends to do something environmentally positive.  Together we can make a difference.  Here is a cute video for your kiddos to watch to learn 5 things they can do to help Mother Earth!
Environmental Non-Profit or NGO Highlight
The 06 Legacy

We are highlighting an 06 Legacy organization this month.  We have not yet worked with them but understand they are doing a superb job in advocating for gray wolves by educating the public and breaking misconceptions about wolves.  This advocacy will hopefully create change to save wolves that are being targeted by legislative actions taken by Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.  

The name 06 comes from a "She Wolf" that lived in Yellowstone National Park.  06 helped to lead a pack as the matriarch of one of the major wolf packs around 2012. But that year, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service removed the gray wolf from the endangered species list in Wyoming and the first trophy hunt was authorized for wolves leaving the boundary of Yellowstone National Park. This beautiful wolf was taken by a hunter when she left the boundaries of the park trying to find food.  
To celebrate our new Environmental Hero, Lek Chailert, we are giving 3 copies of this book away.  First 3 people to respond will receive a free book.  Contact us 

Complete the information and let us know you are submitting for this give away and the book you will receive!
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Calling all Educators – Including Home Schooled Children!

 If you are interested in an online class to teach children about wildlife, especially grizzly bears, go to our online class about Grizzly 399, through Inspired Classroom. We plan to add in some additional classroom challenges as we get into the winter.  If anyone is interested in participating in this challenge go to Inspired Classroom to learn more. Feel free to email us questions as well, if you would like to get involved in our challenge! 
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