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July 2021 

Hi Green Kids!
Welcome to the Green Kids Club Newsletter where you can keep up with the Green Kids Club happenings each month, learn some new things, and challenge yourself as a true Green Kid ambassador for the planet
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(photo by Bruce Miller - Naturally Wild Photography)

What's New?

What's New
Our new book, Kabelo, the Silly Little Rhino, is finally out!  This book is a story about a baby rhino on his journey to find his dad.  Proceeds from this book will benefit Saving the Survivors and the The Rhino Orphanage.  These organizations work hard to make a difference protecting and caring for rhinos that have been injured due to poaching incidents. 

We are about to launch our rebranding of our classic Green Kids Club with Artist Andreas Wessel-Therhorn as our new artist.  He is a former Disney Artist with acclaimed movies including Princess and the Frog, Hercules, Kung Fu Panda, and The Little Mermaid, as some examples.  We are so excited to be working with him! See a few of his new images from our book.  Coming soon – first book out will be The Jade Elephant!


Great Summer Reading books!

With summer here we would like to remind everyone of one of our favorite books we have written to date, Grizzly 399.  This Grizzly is one of the most famous iconic grizzlies in the world.  Learn about her through this beautiful book, illustrated by Morgan Spicer and photos by Thomas Mangelsen an amazing photographer! 


And we also have our newest book about 399 and her 4 amazing cubs – imagine what it would be like to be in a den with 5 of them!  A percentage of our proceeds from both books goes to The Cougar Fund and to Love the Wild Foundation where we donate to help protect animals, our planet and also provide education to both adults and children.

Please help us with our virtual fundraiser to benefit our friends at Elephants Without Borders (EWB). We have a tote bag featuring a beautiful photo of Molelo and his family. All proceeds will go directly to the work that EWB is doing for elephant conservation in Botswana.  With COVID hitting many areas in Africa including Botswana, EWB can use all the help they can to continue making a difference!

Exciting News for Readers with Dyslexia

We are about to go into print with Elee and the Shining Star in Noah Text, which is a reader specifically for children and adults dealing with dyslexia.  Noah Text highlights critical word patterns within texts enabling struggling readers, children with dyslexia, and ESL students to read with increased fluency and stamina – providing them with much needed confidence while enhancing their reading skill. We are thrilled to be working hand in hand to help make a difference with reading and still make a difference with children and the environment.

See our latest interview with Environmental Hero Dr. Johan Marais, of Saving the Survivors, is doing just that. Included in our interview are some incredible photos of the frontline work they are doing to help injured animals.  Our hats off to Dr. Marais!

As announced last month, we are involved with on-line classrooms to teach children about animals and habitat issues. We currently have an on-line class in conjunction with Love the Wild Foundation – with Grizzly 399.  We hope that you may consider having your children get involved. Go to our Educational Initiatives page to learn more about this. Feel free to email us questions as well, if you would like to get involved in our challenge! 

We are so excited to announce that we have won a Creative Child award for Grizzly 399’s Hibernation Pandemonium - 2021 Book of the Year Award for Kids in the Animal Adventure Books category.  Creative Child also awarded Kabelo, A Silly Little Rhino with the 2021 Preferred Choice Award for Kids in the Animal Adventure category.

We also won the 2021 Skipping Stones Award for The Belize Trash Monster!

We’re delighted to announce that we are a #WorldRainforestDay partner! This year’s celebration included a reading with Sylvia Medina (author and Green Kids Club founder) and Dr. Gary Shapiro (President of Orang Utan Republik Foundation). We brought to life the story of Princess, a little orphaned orangutan displaced from her home in Borneo before being rescued, rehabilitated, and released safely back to her natural home!  If you would like to hear our reading click here.  After our reading, you will get to hear a few questions between Gary and Sylvia regarding orangutans and also hear an orangutan call!
We are following.....
Green Kids has been closely following the story of Felicia a grizzly bear with two baby cubs or coys (Cubs of the Year). She lives in Togwotee Pass in Wyoming.  This bear is a beautiful mom that has done absolutely nothing wrong other than live on a highway road where people have stopped to photograph and admire her.  According to the Wyoming Fish & Game this has created a safety issue. So they have hazed her - this is a method used to remove bears from areas to ensure she does not return or she will be either euthanized or relocated (see article).  Photo courtesy by Marilyn Rodman

July Animal & Environment Observances

July has plenty of fun holidays!

  • National Clean Beaches Week July - 1st-7th
  • Celebration of the Horse Day - July 16-18, 2021 (Third Weekend)
  • Coral Reef Awareness Week - Third Week of July
  • Don't Step on a Bee Day - July 10
  • Shark Awareness Day - July 14
  • I Love Horses Day - July 15
  • Guinea Pig Appreciation Day - July 16
  • World Snake Day - July 16 
  • World Nature Conservation Day - July 28
  • International Tiger Day - July 29
Bee Image by our amazing Andreas Wessel-Therhorn artist.

This month we are celebrating International Tiger Day on July 29th.  Did you know that there are an estimated 3890 tigers left in the wild and between 5000 to 7000 tigers living in captivity in the USA rather than in the wild?  In the USA, there are no federal laws regulating the possession of exotic animals.  They are considered an endangered species.  About 50% of wild tigers live in India and these numbers are quickly receding.  I have been fortunate to see these beautiful animals in the wild and hope that we will be able to save their species from going into extinction. Learn more about Tigers through this video from National Geographic.

Photo credit to Bruce Miller of Naturally Wild Photography

Monthly Challenge

This month's challenge deals with National Clean Beaches week!  From the vast beaches of the ocean side to the banks of a flowing river, the water and its surrounding environment play an important role as habitat for wildlife and plants. This month, we challenge you to visit and make observations about your closest water ecosystem. What kind of plants, animals, and other aquatic life live in your own community? How could you make changes and clean up your environment to benefit the life within it?

Email a picture of your local water ecosystem (optionally with you in it) to with the subject as “July water challenge” to be entered into a giveaway for books and plush!
  • 1st place: a Green Kids Club water book of choice: choose from Coral Reef, The Belize Trash Monster, The Shark and the Volcano, or The Monk Seal and the Magical Mermaid with a plush shark.
  • 2nd & 3rd place: A Green Kids Club water book of choice.

Groups We Support!

We would like to highlight the Wolf and Grizzly Discovery Center, based in West Yellowstone, Montana.  This facility was built to be a sanctuary for bears that were removed from the wild – saving them from certain death.  Many bears from various locations now live here and would otherwise not be alive had it not been for the Discovery Center.  The facility also takes on wolves and conducts educational initiatives as well.  Take a look at who they are and what they do at


Take a look back at our monthly challenge^
We’ll be giving out prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!

How to join:
Email a picture of your local water ecosystem (optionally with you in it) to with the subject as “July water challenge” to be entered into a giveaway for books and plush!
Did You Miss.....

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Book Excellence Award winners

Dyslexia-friendly Noah Text versions of our books
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