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A Tail of Three Lions

We are excited to announce that A Tail of Three Lions, co-written with Blood Lions director, Ian Michler, is now available! The story is about a young lion cub, living in Africa, who looks to rescue his brother from hunters, and introduces the concepts of poaching and wildlife exploitation, as well as recognized lion sanctuaries, to children.

"Humanity has an abusive relationship with the environment and all other species, and much of this is due to a lack of appropriate education and awareness during our school years. Green Kids Club and its thoughtful books geared to children, such as A Tail of Three Lions, play such a significant role in filling this knowledge gap. In addition, by purchasing the book you are also supporting lion conservation in the wild and efforts that are aimed at securing the survival of Africa's most iconic species." - Ian Michler, Blood Lions


For more information, click here, or click here to secure your copy now.

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