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October 2020

Green Kids Club

Green Kids Club is revamping our Kids Club, an online club designed to get kids, ages 12 and under, involved and knowledgeable about taking care of the earth. We'll be rolling it out very soon, so keep an eye out and keep your favorite kids in mind to become Official Green Kids!

Grizzly 399

Coming soon! We are collaborating with Inspired Classroom again to bring kids another fun and educational opportunity, this time to learn more about grizzly bears and our own Grizzly 399. We'll also be tapping into kids' creative sides by creating a cartoon or graphic novel. If you missed our first challenge, you can try your hand at upcycling here.

e-book with audio

Dyslexia can affect many children's enjoyment of reading. With that in mind, we are excited to be working with a group to make our ebooks more accessible to children who have dyslexia. We'll let you know more as it develops!

October Observances

October is Bat Appreciation Month, Squirrel Awareness Month, World Animal Month, Campus Sustainability Month, and also has these specific observations:

Lyn Bratton on Pixabay

Lemur Facts

Who doesn't love a lemur? Lemurs get their day on October 30. There are over 100 species of lemurs, and they all live on Madagascar or surrounding islands. 98% of lemur species are threatened with extinction, and about a third are critically endangered. Most lemur societies are female-dominant, which is rare in mammals. They love to chow down on fruit, plants, and bugs. Sometimes they even eat millipedes to get rid of parasites in their digestive tract! Most lemurs spend their time in the treetops, but when a ring-tailed lemur group (called a conspiracy!) moves on the ground, they use their distinctive, striped tails to stick together.

Check out National Geographic Explorer Mireya Mayor finding the smallest lemur in the world in this video clip.

Image by Onkel Ramirez from Pixabay

Monthly Challenge

We don't know if you've heard the recent revelations about the last 30 years of plastic recycling, but it's pretty depressing. For more information, read the article here. In a nutshell, plastic producers (oil companies) wanted to keep creating lucrative plastics, but the resulting waste stream came under scrutiny. They tried many ways to make recycled plastic viable, but it wasn't economically sound, so they created the familiar plastic triangles to mark different types of plastic, thinking that might help plastic sorting at recycling facilities. Instead, that led to a deluge of plastics from consumers who assumed that anything with a triangle could be recycled, which crippled the already struggling recycling industry. And despite China no longer taking our plastic trash, plastic manufacturers are showing no sign of slowing down. Therefore, this month's challenge is to really focus on the other two R's for plastic: reduce and reuse. Find ways to reuse the plastic we already have or use alternatives in the future. Or if you are feeling more ambitious, lobby your representatives to hold plastic producers responsible for the trash they are creating and/or support innovative recycling efforts by companies like Ocean Spray and Loop.

Non-profit Highlight

Idaho Conservation League seeks to protect Idaho's public lands by defending its land, air, and water. By creating a community of conservation, they collaborate on projects to restore and sustain the state's natural resources, as well as work with legislators to protect them for future generations. Current projects include cleaning up the Snake River, combating climate change, and restoring wild salmon to fragile ecosystems.

Don't live in Idaho? We bet your state has a similar group making a difference where you live! Try to investigate via your chamber of commerce, social media, or an internet search to see what's going on in your neck of the woods.


If you haven't done so already, check out our Instagram page, @greenkidsclub, and our Facebook page. Those are easy ways to keep up with us throughout the month between newsletters, and you might just win something! We have lots of giveaways planned this month, so don't miss out!

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