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Greet Grand Teton's Grizzly 399

Grizzly 399

Grizzly 399 has finally emerged! Our newest book depicts the life of Grand Teton National Park's famous Grizzly Bear 399. Sylvia Medina worked on this story with Tom Mangelsen, an esteemed wildlife photographer who has chronicled the life of Bear 399 through his photos, including this one of her with four new cubs this spring.

"In a delightful tale about one of the most famous and remarkable grizzlies of all time – known as #399 – Sylvia Medina takes you on an intimate and sometimes harrowing journey of discovery into the life of a bear. Grizzly 399 reminds us why we need wild animals in our lives and how they depend on us to adapt to a rapidly changing world. The grizzly has no better friend than Tom Mangelsen, whose photos grace these pages. As #399 and her family give us joy, they and other grizzlies are counting on our respect and compassion to survive."
-Louisa Willcox, Co-Founder of Grizzly Times, and Advocate for the Wild

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Lorielle Peterson

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