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July 2020

Green Kids Club

Green Kids Club is revamping our Kids Club, an online club designed to get kids, ages 12 and under, involved and knowledgeable about taking care of the earth. We'll be rolling it out over the next few months, so keep an eye out and keep your favorite kids in mind to become Official Green Kids!

YooHoo's Swimming Trip

Green Kids Club is featuring our YooHoo and Friends® series of books this month, based on the charming Aurora characters of the same name as seen on Netflix. All this month, July 2020, we are offering a 40% discount on all of the YooHoo items in our store. The stories in these books are geared for the early reader in your life and are perfect for ages 3-7. Plus, there are some cuddly plush animals in this collection too! Just use code 4THOFJULY to get this great deal in our store!

Grizzly 399

In case you missed it, Grizzly 399 is here! This book depicts the life of Grand Teton National Park's famous Grizzly Bear 399. Sylvia Medina worked on this story with Tom Mangelsen, an esteemed wildlife photographer who has chronicled the life of Bear 399 through his photos, including the one seen here. 

Grizzly 399 with 4 cubs

To continue Grizzly 399's amazing story, she emerged this spring with four new adorable cubs!

July Observances

July is National Bison month, Plastic Free month, and also has these specific animal observations:

coral reef
Shaun Low from Pixabay

Tiger Facts

International Tiger Day is July 29, which recognizes that tigers are some of the most endangered animals on earth and seeks to double their population by 2022. In the last century, the tiger population has plummeted by 95%! There are more tigers kept as pets than there are tigers in the wild, with only about 3,500 left in the wild. These beautiful largest members of the cat family are actually excellent swimmers, unlike most of their relatives, and can swim happily for long distances. Did you know that a tiger even has stripes on its skin? Tigers are solitary animals, except when a mother is raising her cubs. You can learn more about Bengal Tigers here on our Animal Highlights. 

Amur Tiger
Image by TheOtherKev from Pixabay

Monthly Challenge

We've talked about single-use plastics before, but this month gives us a unique opportunity to really try to change our habits with Plastic Free July. From reusable bags and cups to buying in bulk, there are so many ways to reduce our plastics usage. It may be more difficult during this time of contactless exchanges, but we can all make some changes for good. Join 250 million participants across the globe by taking the challenge at Plastic Free July, where you can find tips, read inspiring stories, and take a quiz to gauge your current plastic usage. (If a full month seems impossible, maybe target one type of plastic to cut back or try plastic bag free day on July 3!)

Non-profit Highlight

A portion of our Grizzly 399 proceeds go to support The Cougar Fund. The Cougar Fund was founded in 2001 by writer Cara Blessley Lowe and photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen after a firsthand experience observing a mother mountain lion and her three cubs on the National Elk Refuge in Jackson, Wyoming. The Cougar Fund protects carnivores in the Americas through education, science, and policy management to assure a lasting place for these creatures.


If you haven't done so already, check out our Instagram page, @greenkidsclub, and our Facebook page. Those are easy ways to keep up with us throughout the month between newsletters, and you might just win something! We have lots of giveaways planned this month, so don't miss out!

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