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Surprise Quadruplet Cubs Call for a Second Edition

Our newest book, Grizzly 399, has been getting a lot of attention and was in the news this past month! Due to the surprise quadruplets birthed by 399 this spring, we will be releasing a second edition of the book to include the new cubs. At 24 years old, Grizzly 399 deserves to have recognition for her latest contribution to the Grizzly family tree. You can see the story in the following sources:

Idaho Falls' Post Register

Idaho State Journal

Newsbreak Idaho

Explore Big Sky

Grizzly 399 author and Green Kids Club founder, Sylvia Medina, also conducted a safe distance book signing at Yellowstone's Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center this week. Grizzly 399 is a local celebrity in these parts, and the book provides a glimpse into her world while teaching children to love and respect animals in nature.

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