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Hi Green Kids!

Welcome to the Green Kids Club Newsletter where you can keep up with the Green Kids Club happenings each month, learn some new things, and challenge yourself as a true Green Kid ambassador for the planet.

What's New at the Green Kids Club

We have a new book out, Leave Some Forest for the Rest of Us!, featuring the Code Green Team. Three adventurous siblings, Takara, Victor and Tiago, attend school during the day, but when they race home, they devise and execute a secret plan to save the world. But the Code Green Team has to keep their eco-efforts undercover so as not to alarm environmental activist mom and news reporter dad, plus they have their own “unique” way of saving the environment with tons of homemade tech and one robotic dog who can actually turn into other animals. In this book, the Code Green Team is flying to an adventure in Sumatra where they are helping an orangutan save her home from “The Chopper” and his environmental machine of destruction. The book highlights deforestation for palm oil and the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan. 50% of proceeds goes toward the Orang Utan Republik Foundation and their efforts to protect orangutans around the world.

November Observances

Besides turkey day, there are a few other animal dates to mark on your calendar in November:

  • Manatee awareness month
  • November 3 - jellyfish day
  • November 3 - bison day
  • November 4-10 - National Animal Shelter and Rescue appreciation week
  • November 7 - Hug a Bear (of the stuffed variety)

Monthly Challenge

Now that the leaves are falling to the ground, it's a great time to take a nature walk and admire the changes happening all around us. Bundle up, and bring a notebook and pencil, or bags to collect items or trash. Record observations, make sketches, pick up a leaf or acorn for further exploration. Talk about what you see, use your five senses (well, maybe not taste!), appreciate how Mother Nature is preparing for winter and storing energy for next spring. Or turn it into a service project with gloves and trash bags to pick up any litter that you come across and know that those obstacles won't be uncovered again when the snow melts.

Animal Fact

Manatees never leave warm water and can hold their breath for 20 minutes, although they usually come up for a breath of air every 3-4 minutes. They are so slow moving that they often grow algae on their skin.



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