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We are proud to announce a new partnership with
The Green Campus Initiative (GCI)


Press Release from (GCI) below:

We are pleased to announce our partnership officially with the Green Kids Club, Inc. Their president Sylvia Medina recently contacted us after reading our article posted by on the launch of our own Green Kids Club. Her mail sparked up interest and excitement in us as this is indeed a great start for our club. Here is a brief summary of what Green Kids Club, Inc is all about.

The Green Kids Club kicked off in 2011. It is a unique, innovative and educative program based on younger children. It is particularly designed to teach younger children on how to be good stewards of the environment. They have an official Green Kids Club on their website where children from all around the world get the opportunity to join their club. As described on their Facebook page, “The series was developed as a utility to teach children the importance of protecting habitats to sustain ecosystems, animal life, and ultimately human life.

Victor and Maya Green are the leaders of the Green Kids Club. Their adventures take them all over the world, exploring new cultures and learning about protecting and preserving the environment and the animals that depend on them. Green kids focus on environmental sustainability, mitigation, and preservation to protect animals and their habitats.” These children are made to do environmental challenges and contests and are awarded books or toys or other items based on winning the highest amount of green points.

The Green Kids Club produce several children books (they have a book based on Botswana, dealing with poaching issues and elephants and another based on Rwanda and the mountain gorilla.), plush toys, and DVDs. This award winning club has extensions and collaborations in USA, India, China, Uganda and even partnered with an orphanage in Tanzania, and a host of others. Now, their collaboration has extended to Nigeria as they have the intention to send books and prizes to our kids, and we in turn help publicise and populate their club. We look forward to a rewarding and long-lasting partnership with Green Kids Club, Inc.


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