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Endangered Species Day Contest

As many of you know our Green Kids Club books often revolve around endangered species. Please pick an animal, bird, plant, or sea creatures that you want to highlight to save and send us a drawing, or write up something about the animal and why you want to see it saved!

Here is a picture that Sylvia Medina took of an animal that many people in this world are trying to save from extinction. Our beautiful Elephants!!!!

How To Enter?

  • Ask a parent if you can enter this contest.
  • Make a model of the earth using any reusable/recycled materials that you can find.
  • Take a picture of your finished model.
  • Login to your free kids club account, upload the image and submit. NOT A MEMBER YET? Join the free online Green Kids Club and then follow the step for members.

All entries must be completed and turned in by Monday, May 30th

Winners will be displayed on our website and receive:

1st Place - Either our Maya, Victor, or Tiago Plush doll with a book of your choice

2nd Place - Book (of your choice) with a water bottle (its cool - changes to a blue color as it gets cold)

3rd Place - A book (of your choice).

Good Luck- can't wait to see how you teach others about being "Green"!


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