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Third Party Review: Jaideep khanduja Book Review: Jade Elephant:

Book Review: #greenkidsclub Jade Elephant: Lovely Story, Vibrant Illustrations And Great Message

Jade Elephant is written by Sylvia M Medina & Saige J Ballock-Dixon and illustrations are by Joy Eagle. This is a book in green kids club series that is dedicated to the children of India and all the Green Kids of the world. This is the second edition that I have in my hands.

Jade Elephant by Sylvia M Medina & Saige J Ballock-Dixon features a new character in this story whose name is Anju and she lives in India. Maya and Victor are the regular characters of the series those who have read other books in the series would be familiar with both. Victor and Maya Green are seen currently visiting India to meet their pen friend Anju. Anju is to take them for a ride on her cutely decorated elephant. A ride to the nearby jungle. This would be the first elephant ride for the Green kids.

The elephant is decorated with colorful, fancy blankets and shiny ornaments. There are two in fact and both are well decorated. The elder one is the mother elephant, Mudahrima and the younger one is Gajendra, called as Gaj. Climbing on the elephant was itself an adventure for the kids. As the Green kids enter the jungle, they are welcomed by different and strange noises of various animals and birds. The see many birds and animals engaged in various activities. As they are about to reach the area of the jungle that is near the village, they see most of the trees cut in that area. Anju explained that the villagers keep cutting these trees to get more land for cultivating their crops.

That is a regular fight mankind is engaged in destroying nature and trying to imbalance the ecosystem. Animals and birds need space to live. But if mankind starts squeezing the space intended for the animals, it generates danger for the survival of those animals and hence disturbs the complete ecosystem built by nature. Jade Elephant by Sylvia M Medina & Saige J Ballock-Dixon tries to convey a message regarding all these issues in the form of this lovely story.

Loud trumpeting sounds from one side of the jungle make Green Kids curious to know about it. Anju tells them this noise is coming from the Elephants place where all the elephants of the jungle meet and play together. On Green Kids request, Anju takes them to show the place and all those elephants.There they see Parmita the leader of all elephants. Parmita instructs all the elephants to get ready to destroy the village and villagers for the sake of their own survival. The story gets intense and it becomes very risky for the kids when they get revealed from their hiding place by Parmita and other elephants.

Green Kids and Anju request Parmita and all other elephants to give them a chance to educate villagers for stop destruction of the jungle. The story goes interesting and intriguing as we go further. There are quite serious messages hidden in the story for all of us to understand and act accordingly. Jade Elephant by Sylvia M Medina & Saige J Ballock-Dixon is a good and interesting read not only for kids but for elders also to spread the message of stop destroying jungles. Every page of the 30-odd pages carries an interesting, colorful and vibrant illustration carrying a message in itself.


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