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Environmental Conservation Takes A Retro Turn For Contemporary Educational Messages

Edu-tainment offerings between New Zoo Revue, Woodsy Owl and Green Kids Club announced at Licensing International 2015

Las Vegas, NV- June 9, 2015 An alliance to bring environmental education and healthy lifestyle messages to a new generation of youth is revealed at Licensing International trade show this week in Las Vegas. The re-introduction of New Zoo Revue, an iconic 1970’s television variety show, is underway, including updated content around the show’s original environmental and healthy lifestyle messages.

At Laguna Productions, a Las Vegas based studio, partners Frank O’Donnell and Doug Momary, are setting the framework for a multi-media, multi-platform launch of New Zoo Revue. Characters Freddie Frog, Henrietta Hippo and Charlie Owl remain true to the 1970’s costumed appearance, but are fully contemporary when addressing the environment, nutrition and positive citizenry topics. Also updated is the music—as the original “Doug” on the show, Mr. Momary is uniquely qualified to remix the 1970’s tunes to contemporary genres, to appeal to children 4 to 12 years of age.

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