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Aimee Moran, Idaho Conservation League Endorsement

Wolf Howls: Wolf Howls is an adventurous. educational and enjoyable tale about young Tiago and the Green Kids. Through abduction by a lonely and sad wolf, and reunion with his family, Tiago learns about the plight of the gray wolf and the threats the species faces. This is a great book to help inspire children to care for the planet and its wild inhabitants. It can teach young people to consider their surroundings, beyond themselves, and to grow respect for the environment. Parents should add this book to their children's reading collection.
Desert Mirage: This Green Kids Club book finds the kids in Arizona learning about water shortage and how it effects wild animals. A family of wild horses teaches the kids about the importance of saving water and the kids agree to help spread the word. Though the subject of drought is not fun, the book is very entertaining because of the friendship developed between the kids and the wild horses. Reading the Green Kids Club books are a wonderful and engaging way for young people to learn more about the planet, its precious resources, and how they can help protect them.
Reviews by: Aimee Moran



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