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The Green Kids Club!

What is the

Green Kids Club?

Join kids from all over the world in learning about the earth and its citizens, both human and animal kind. Quiz yourself on your animal knowledge, have fun reading and playing games, and challenge yourself to help our planet! Along the way you can earn points and rewards, too.

Who Are

Green Kids?

You are! But you can follow along in the worldwide adventures of boys and girls in our books, too. Maya, Victor, and Tiago are siblings that can talk to animals. In their travels around the globe, they meet all kinds of people and animals that need their help.

Join The Club

Be Like Victor and Maya and Get Involved

Join our Green Kids Club! Do Green things and not only will you get awards from us, but you will make a difference in saving our planet and its animals.

Animal Days

April is National Frog Month and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, and has the following observations:   

In honor of World Tapir Day (April 27), let's learn about this species you may not know much about. Tapirs are herbivores and are related to horses and rhinos. Three types of tapirs live in Central and South America, while one kind lives in Asia, but all tapirs are considered endangered. They have a snout that they can use like an elephant does to grab things, put food in their mouth, or even to snorkel with, since they are excellent swimmers. Baby tapirs are striped or spotted, much like baby deer.

Image by Marcel Langthim from Pixabay

Step Up

Challenge Yourself

These truly are unprecedented times we are living in. With travel restrictions and economic activity down because of COVID-19, some researchers are reporting significant drops in global emissions. Our challenge this month is simply to remain healthy and to recognize this small time for the earth (and us) to hopefully slow down a little. It's a great time of year to get out for some fresh air, appreciate nature, and keep a safe distance from your fellow humans. These nature walks are a great way to safely celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day or if you can, plant a tree for Arbor Day. Stay safe out there!

Free Activities

Coloring Pages and Games

Check out our coloring pages or play some fun games!

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Animal Highlights

We love animals, because they are so fascinating! Learn more about them here or visit our store for additional educational materials!

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