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The Green Kids Club!

What is the

Green Kids Club?

Join kids from all over the world in learning about the earth and its citizens, both human and animal kind. Quiz yourself on your animal knowledge, have fun reading and playing games, and challenge yourself to help our planet! Along the way you can earn points and rewards, too.

Who Are

Green Kids?

You are! But you can follow along in the worldwide adventures of boys and girls in our books, too. Maya, Victor, and Tiago are siblings that can talk to animals. In their travels around the globe, they meet all kinds of people and animals that need their help.

Join The Club

Be Like Victor and Maya and Get Involved

Join our Green Kids Club! Do Green things and not only will you get awards from us, but you will make a difference in saving our planet and its animals.

Animal Days

May is National Pet Month, National Bike Month and has these specific observations:   

In honor of World Migratory Bird Day, on May 9, let's take a closer look at some migratory birds. About 40% of all bird species migrate, usually twice a year (for a round trip). While it is a regular occurrence, the migration that some birds undertake every year is truly amazing, especially when you consider their size and the various conditions (weather, predators, natural and man-made obstacles) that they must overcome to find their way back and forth to the same locations often thousands of miles apart.

Some superstar migrators? The Arctic tern has the longest migration, at just under 50,000 round-trip miles, relocating between the Arctic and Antarctic for two summers every year. The bar-tailed godwit can fly for nearly 7,000 miles non-stop over 8 straight travel days. Bar-headed geese fly up to five and a half miles above sea level as they fly over the Himalayas. To prepare for these perilous journeys, many birds bulk up before their trip; some almost double their weight! The National Audubon Society has some fantastic resources for bird therapy during social distancing for potential birders, as well as activities for kids.

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

Step Up

Challenge Yourself

As most of us continue to practice some form of social distancing, it can be hard to find ways to feel connected to the rest of the world. However, we can actually do quite a bit from home, thanks to the wonders of technology. This month, we came across some environmental activities that we can easily do from our home base. 

  • Giving Tuesday is coming up on May 5. Find a way to give back and be part of the global generosity movement.
  • We just observed Earth Day, but supporting Earth should happen more than once a year. Check out for ideas on how you can continue the effort, including Earth Challenge 2020, the world's largest citizen science effort.
  • If you are staring down the rest of the school year and summer at home, check out this list of 50 environmental activities kids can do at home.

Free Activities

Games and Challenges

Check out our coloring pages or play some fun games!

For older kids, check out our Upcycling Challenge!

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Animal Highlights

We love animals, because they are so fascinating! Learn more about them here or visit our store for additional educational materials!

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