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The Green Kids Club!

What is the

Green Kids Club?

Join kids from all over the world in learning about the earth and its citizens, both human and animal kind. Quiz yourself on your animal knowledge, have fun reading and playing games, and challenge yourself to help our planet! Along the way you can earn points and rewards, too.

Photo by Juli Yanti
Photo by Green Campus Initiative
Photo by Sylvia Medina

For more in-depth projects try our

Classroom Challenges

For elementary students, we have developed some fun projects covering issues related to grizzly bears (make a comic strip featuring our own Grizzly 399) and plastic pollution (upcycle plastic from The Belize Trash Monster). Inspired Classroom Challenges are standards-based, and they are FREE to participants, while building skills such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and communication. For more information, click here.

Animal Days

January is Adopt a Rescued Bird Month and also has these specific observations:   

  • Jan 5 - National Bird Day
  • Jan 10 - Save the Eagles Day
  • Jan 16-17 - Bald Eagle Appreciation Days
  • Jan 20 - Penguin Awareness Day
  • Jan 21 - Squirrel Appreciation Day
  • Jan 31 - International Zebra Day

Zebras are closely related to horses. There are three main species of zebra: plains, mountain, and Grevy's (endangered). Zebras are social animals and can be found living together in herds, which are called dazzles. Sometimes multiple herds form a "superherd" of thousands of zebras, and even other grazing species like antelope and wildebeest, as they migrate in search of green grass. All zebras have unique stripe patterns that can be used for identification, as well as to confuse predators and pests. 

IanZA on Pixabay

Step Up

Challenge Yourself

2020 is finally behind us! Though 2021 is not without its own challenges, it's a good time to look to the future and evaluate what we can do better. Maybe 2020 caused some major deviations for you, and it's time to get back on track. Maybe the interruptions of 2020 actually introduced some beneficial new habits to keep or made you rethink your priorities. Either way, let's rejoice in a new year and the opportunity to keep improving.

Free Activities

Games and Coloring

Check out our coloring pages or play some fun games!

Want To Know More? Try Our

Animal Highlights

Animals are so fascinating! Learn more about them here or visit our store for additional educational materials!

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