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What is the

Green Kids Club?

Join kids from all over the world in learning about the earth and its citizens, both human and animal kind. Quiz yourself on your animal knowledge, have fun reading and playing games, and challenge yourself to help our planet! Along the way you can earn points and rewards, too.

Photo by Juli Yanti
Photo by Green Campus Initiative
Photo by Sylvia Medina

For more in-depth projects try our

Classroom Challenges

For elementary students, we have developed some fun projects covering issues related to grizzly bears (make a comic strip featuring our own Grizzly 399) and plastic pollution (upcycle plastic from The Belize Trash Monster). Inspired Classroom Challenges are standards-based, and they are FREE to participants, while building skills such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and communication. For more information, click here.

Animal Days

May/June is Garden for Wildlife Month, June 5th is World Environment Day and other specific observations include:

  • June 4   Hug Your Cat Day
  • June 5   National Black Bear Day
  • June 7   Bug Day
  • June 8   World Ocean’s Day
  • June 16   World Sea Turtle Day
  • June 20   American Eagle Day
  • June 21   World Giraffe Day
  • June 21  Summer Solstice
  • June 22   World Rainforest Day
  • June 20-26 Animal Rights Awareness Week 
  • June 21-27  National Pollinator Week

So by now I hope that many of you have heard of Grizzly 399 who is currently trying to raise 4 rambunctious cubs.  She is 25 years old!  A ripe old age for someone to become a mamma of so many kiddo bears!  We are so excited to have the opportunity to write about her and also share her life as it is evolving.  So this months animal facts will be about grizzly bear hibernation!  Something that just surprised me – did you know that grizzly bears (and other bears) when they go into hibernation do not poop or urinate during the time they are sleeping? Rather they recycle it within themselves!  Wow, the ultimate recyclers!  Learn about this in our new book Grizzly 399 Hibernation Pandemonium.

Grizzly 399 and cubs in snow
Image by Susan Cedarholm

Step Up

Challenge Yourself

This month's challenge is to help celebrate Pollinator Week!  How can you help to celebrate? Examples include plant for pollinators, reduce pesticide use, keep out invasive species, and get online to learn about bees and butterflies. Without pollinators, our world might not have enough food! Watch this video to learn about world impacts on our bees – by It’s Okay to Be Smart.

Free Activities

Games and Coloring

Check out our coloring pages or play some fun games!

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Animal Highlights

Animals are so fascinating! Learn more about them here or visit our store for additional educational materials!

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