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This is our latest Green Kids Club story where the Green Kids tackle the problem of bush fires in Africa, poachers, and learning to be safe in this environment. The Green Kids in this story travel to Botswana to meet Maatla and do some photo safari time - hopefully to see the elephants!  But instead they encounter a large bush fire started by poachers!  The children with the animals of the land and men of the village help to make a difference.

This book also has a science section in the back.

This book is Co-Authored by Kelly Landen, Program Manager of Elephants Without Borders - and working closely with the Botswana Department of Forestry and Range Resources. 50% of proceeds will go to Elephants Without Borders or a non-profit group of your choice committed to helping animals or teach children the importance of environmental stewardship! 

Lexile Score:  820L
Word Count:  1517


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