Endangered Species Day Contest - May 20, 2016

Kids join our Endangered Species Day Contest!  

As many of you know our Green Kids Club books often revolve around endangered species.  Please pick an animal, bird, plant, or sea creatures that you want to highlight to save and send us a drawing, or write up something about the animal and why you want to see it saved!  

To Enter:  
- Ask a parent if you can enter the contest - if you are not a Green Kids Club member - Click Here to join!
- Make your drawing or write up
- Take a picture of it and have your parents email it to us and/or it can be mailed to 
Green Kids Club Contest
PO Box 50030 
  Idaho Falls, Idaho 83405

Please submit by May 30th.  

Winners will be displayed on our website (of course with approval by your parents) and receive:

1st place:  Either our Maya, Victor, or Tiago Plush doll with a book of your choice
2nd place:  Book (of your choice) with a water bottle (its cool - changes to a blue color as it gets cold)
3rd place:  A book (of your choice). 

Hope you enter!!!!

Here is a picture that Sylvia took - of an animal that many people in this world are trying to save from extinction.  Our beautiful Elephants!!!!

Our newest book - the Shark and the volcano

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GKC Show Trailer
Gorilla Roar - Sample Video
Wolf howls - Sample Video
Green kids App now live on iOS!!

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What is the Green Kids Club?

Green Kids Club is designed to teach young children the importance of environmental stewardship through picture books. The series was developed to teach children the importance of protecting habitats, to sustain ecosystems, animal and ultimately human life.  Difficult environmental issues such as poaching, habitat, encroachment, etc. are part of our stories.

Victor, Maya and Tiago are the main characters in our Green Kids Club Series. In our first story, The Green Spring, the children receive the power to talk to animals by drinking water from a magic spring. In this story, the Grand Council of animals select Victor and Maya to drink water from this spring and from here help to preserve and protect our planet Earth. Kids from all over the world also end up drinking water from the Green Spring and together they help Victor and Maya teach others to protect the animals and their homes.  The  adventures take them all over the world, exploring new cultures and learning about protecting and preserving the environment and the animals that depend on them.


Green Kids focus on environmental sustainability, mitigation and preservation to protect animals and their habitats.  Our books teach children "To Grow Up Green!"