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$ 24.00
This is a beautiful gift set with Tiago, the main character of the Wolf Howls book. The gift set also includes our Wolf Howls Book, Tiago the main hero of the story - plush doll with his wolf outfit on! The set also includes a tent so that Little Tiago can play camp out with your children!  

Children will enjoy play acting the story and camping with the set. 

The Wolf Howls book features Victor, Maya and their little brother Tiago (the Green Kids). They travel together to the Rocky Mountains in the United States to enjoy some camping with their friend Kaya. But Zor, the wolf has other plans for little Tiago!  He decides to wolf-nap Little Tiago and make him his own son - since his son had been taken by bad people.  Can the Green kids find their little brother and can they help Zor find his long lost family?  It is a beautiful story that will teach your children the importance of wolves in our ecosystem.  


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