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$ 14.50
Beautiful Gift set with the book Pammee and the Looking Pond and a clip-on.  All packaged beautifully! 
Book ranges from ages 3 to 7 years old.  

This gift set includes the book "Pammee and the Looking Pond" and a Pammee Backpack Clip-on packaged beautifully.  The book story is about a Fennec Fox, Pammee, who is very beautiful and she likes to look at herself in the pond (which is her mirror).  One day she looks at herself and sees a monster - she is no longer beautiful?  Or is she?  Her friend Maya, a Green Kid, helps Pammee discover that the pond is being polluted by a bad Environmental Croc. Can they stop this so Pammee can again look at herself? 

This is a fun set for a child learning about the environment at an early age.


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