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$ 20.00
This is a Green Kids Club special gift set featuring the Maya plush doll, Coral Reef book, Green Kids Club backpack and color-changing water bottle. 
Maya plush doll: Maya loves to explore new cultures.  She travels the world with her brother Victor.  They love to hike, swim, and explore with their fun friends!
Coral Reef: In this Green Kids Club adventure, Maya and Victor are visiting their pen pal, Emilio in the Caribbean.  Sea turtles, manta rays, starfish, octopus and ocean fish come to understand that the Green Kids are helping the environment and saving their homes.  What will happen when the Green Kids are swept out to sea past the safety of the mighty coral reef?
Green Kids Club backpack: child-sized backpack, one size fits most.  Clear vinyl cover lets you see the contents.   Very convenient!
Color-changing water bottle: add cold water and watch the color change to a deep blue!


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