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In this Green Kids Club adventure, Maya and Victor Green are visiting their pen pal, Emilio, in the Caribbean. Sea turtles, manta rays, starfish, octopus and ocean fish come to understand that the Green Kids are helping the environment and saving their homes. But, the Green Kids have been swept out to sea past the safety of the mighty coral reef where many Bull Sharks live...what will happen to the Green Kids? 

Learning Concept:  Learning the importance of coral reef degradation and impacts to the surrounding marine life and ecosystem.  This full color, illustrated story also includes a science section, photos and facts about the animals featured in the adventure.

Winner of 2017 Book Excellence Award - Environment.

Lexile Score:  760
Word Count:  1302
ISBN-13: 9780983660224
Publisher: Green Kids Club, Inc.
Publication date: 9/14/2011
Pages: 32


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