Victor and Maya Green are the leaders of the Green Kids Club.
The Green Kids Club members are working with animals to improve our world by using basic sustainability concepts of preservation, reduction, prevention and mitigation. Their stories are developed to teach children the importance of protecting habitats to maintain ecosystems, animal life and ultimately human life.
inayan kunga anj and baby gaj
emilio pedro iluak balto
Meet Other Green Kids
Victor and Maya have expanded the Green Kids Club to include kids from every part of the globe.
Fun adventures take the Green Kids all over the world, exploring new cultures and learning about protecting and preserving the environment and the animals that depend on it. Animals play an important role in our world. People all around the world depend on animals for everything from food to companionship. They are a vital piece of the balance of nature. Green Kids help protect and preserve the habitats of all animals.
anj and baby gaj 

Alo and Solomon at the Green Spring from Desert Mirage

natalia victor_and maya in chile

Natalia, Victor and Maya in Chile