PHOTO: Sylvia Medina

I go to the woods to feel good
Go to the river to let my mind run
Mountains to gain perspective
I go to the fields to open up
I look to the lakes to reflect
I look to the sky to imagine


Young people today have disconnected from nature. This is alarming on many levels but especially the health of our children and our planet!

Nature will lose its relevance and wildlife and wild places will suffer as our ecosystem becomes unbalanced with an abundance of misuse and lack of stewards. The overlap of where the two worlds co-exist depends on these future stewards.

As we look at developing mindsets of young people, they need the interaction with Mother Nature to transform their lives and become people who learn how to disconnect from everyday pressures, judgments and expectations. We attribute the increase of violence, school problems, bullies and stress-induced illnesses to lack of connection to the natural world. Nature represents the journey of discovery, the vastness of the unexplainable, wonders of the power of adaptability. It teaches us what no classroom can!

In a generation where video, You-tube, books and social media have more attention and time than a simple five-minute walk outdoors, how do we reach youth to capture their imaginations? We meet them where they are and encourage exploration! 

The Love the Wild Foundation has a mission to educate children about protecting our planet and its inhabitants. Through engaging stories and educational outreach, we hope to empower the next generation of Earth's stewards.

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