Our Friends!

Green Kids Club, Inc. donates 5% of the proceeds to animal, conservation causes, and other groups that help children and families.

Our Favorite Links!

 Cougar Fund - www.cougarfund.org
 Children's Brain Tumor Foundation - www.cbtf.org
 CUIPO -  www.cuipo.org
 Greater Yellowstone Coalition - www.greateryellowstone.org
 World Wide Federation - worldwildlife.org/
 Jane Goodall Institute - www.janegoodall.org/
 Nature Conservancy - www.nature.org
 Elephants without Borders - www.elephantswithoutborders.org/
 Tanzania Orphanage - Make a Difference - http://www.gomadnow.org/
 Snake River Animal Shelter -  www.snakeriveranimalshelter.org

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