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Green Campus Initiative - Nigeria

Children of the Elephants from Kasane, Botswana

Bwindi Watoto school in Uganda

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School in Kisli Village in Madhya Pradesh District in India
Kids from Kasane, Botswana at the Chobe Yearly Environmental Conference

Dr. Shapiro of the Orang Utan Repulik Foundation with children from Indonesia!

In Borneo - with Dr. Shapiro

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We now have our books in Chili! 

Green Kids In Idaho, USA
Green kids in China

The students here attend the Yangpu primary school located in NE Shanghai, China
Green kids from San Pedro, Belize


Meet Green Kids from San Pedro, Belize.  Children are from the Holy Cross Anglican School.  See their homepage at or

Green Kids from India

Bruce Miller gave out Green Kids books to Children in India.  The children and parents loved them. The book they received was the Jade Elephant. This book is based in India and deals with Indian elephant habitat encroachment issues in this country. The Green Kids come in and work with Anju (a Green Kid from India) to help educate the people and also help the elephants!

Green Kids of Tanzania
Green Kids books were given to an orphanage in Tanzania run by Make a Difference Now.  We were very excited to have our books sent and of course read by the future Green Kids of Tanzania!  We plan to continue working with this organization and hopefully also help to make a difference! 

 Their homepage is